Travis Barker’s daughter offers news after he was rushed to hospital

Travis Barker’s daughter thanks fans for their support as Barker’s mysterious hospitalization is revealed…

As we know, Barker was taken to the hospital on Tuesday by a medical team in the West Hills.

According to TMZthe musician suffered from symptoms of nausea, severe abdominal pain and vomiting, and fans immediately became worried for the star.

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Now not a day goes by that the Kardashian/Jenner clan isn’t in the spotlight, and now that Kourtney and Travis are married, they’re in the spotlight too…

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They may have been one of the most famous families for many years.

And with a new series Kardashian already released, the family raised the attention to a new level …

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But this time, their kids are a little older and much more active, which is very interesting!

Kourtney Kardashian has been known to move away from the limelight in recent years.

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Back in 2020 after KUVTKIn Season 18, Kourtney revealed that she would take a step back from the show after constantly fighting with her sisters Kim and Khloe.

She even responded to a fan who told her to “quit the damn show” on March 26 after the season premiered. tweeted: “I did. Goodbye.”

Regardless, it looks like she’s back for the final season of Hulu, which began filming late last year.

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In this season Kardashianfans get an inside look at Kim’s divorce from Kanye West and her new romance with Pete Davidson.

We see Khloe trying to mend her relationship with Tristan Thompson again while Kylie is going through her second pregnancy.

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And let’s not forget, we’ll see the blossoming of Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker.

All eyes were on Courtney and Travis as they go about their romance.

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In the episodes so far, we’ve seen more details about the moment Travis Barker asked Kourtney’s parents for permission to marry her.

According to Peoplein one episode of the show, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were filmed discussing a phone call in which Travis asked Kris for permission.

Conversation with Kim before Kim’s conversation Saturday night life In his debut, Chris said, “He asked for her hand in marriage and I literally want to cry right now.”

Chris described the moment as “so sweet and so tender”.

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She then revealed that Travis visited the grave of Kourtney’s father, Robert Kardashian, to also ask his permission.

“And then he said he went to your father’s grave and asked your father [for permission]and I just lost it,” said Chris Kim.

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“It’s all happy, I just wish your dad was here to see it. I can hardly believe that she is getting married for the first time.”

It was also revealed in one episode that a whopping million dollar twelve carat diamond ring that Travis suggested had to be repaired…

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Just a few days after Travis got down on one knee.

The episode shows Chris visiting Kourtney after her engagement, where she asks her about the ring…

“Oh my God, can you believe you’re engaged!” she exclaimed in that scene, before asking, “Where’s the ring?”

Kourtney then revealed that she accidentally stepped on her ring while in the closet and that she had a “nervous breakdown” when she realized she had broken it.

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“I cover it up because it actually fixes,” Kourtney explained to her mom as she covered her arms with her sleeves. “By the way, this is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

“I was sitting on the floor, folding sweatshirts, took off the ring and put it next to me on the floor, thinking that it would be safe next to me,” Kourtney shared.

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“I needed to lift something in the closet and when I came down I stepped on the ring.”

Completely surprised by her daughter’s response, Chris replied, “Did you break your wedding ring?”

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“I cried hysterically in my closet for about a few hours,” Kourtney added. “Then I called Travis and said, ‘I did something very, very bad’ and he handled it the best, but it really gave me a nervous breakdown.”

“This is the most beautiful thing I have ever had in my life, how could I do this?”

Luckily, it seems that a broken engagement ring hasn’t stopped the couple from planning their wedding, just months after getting engaged…

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Kourtney and Travis tied the knot… and it was the real deal!

But then Kourtney and Travis exchanged vows at the wedding chapel in Las Vegas in front of Elvis.

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The couple shared photos online, however it was revealed that they were not actually married as there was no license.

However, Courtney and Travis then exchanged for real!

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And the fans loved it…

“I’m happy for Courtney. I remember how Courtney didn’t like weddings back then. Now… She finally found her man!” one person wrote on Twitter.

While the other added: “Congratulations to Courtney and Travis, love you both so much.”

The couple married in Santa Barbara. TMZ.

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According to the publication, Courtney and Travis exchanged vows on the steps of the courthouse in the city center.

The publication reports that only a few guests attended the vows, including bodyguards.

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Before leaving, they rode in a black convertible with a sign pasted on the back: “We Got Married.”

Then Courtney and Travis had a lavish Italian wedding…

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“They were supposed to be officially married before the big Italian wedding,” a source told People.

But fans aren’t thrilled with Kourtney’s dress…

Some have called it “the most tasteless wedding dress” they have ever seen.

The mother of three was wearing a short white bodycon dress with a veil in her hair.

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While Travis was wearing an all black tuxedo.

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on dressand one Facebook user wrote: “All this money and she manages to look gaudy in a terrible dress.”

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Another added: “She has a lot of money, but why didn’t she buy a decent wedding dress? It’s like a Halloween costume.”

“I can’t believe that with all her money she decided to wear THIS.” wrote a third.

A fourth replied, “I’m amazed she thinks this dress looks good.”

And this is not the only thing for which she is scolded.

Kourtney and Travis have been criticized for their constant PDA, and even their kids are speaking out.

Now, the couple have been very comfortable since they first met, which has clearly been quite hard on her kids, whom she shares with her ex, Scott Disick.

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Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Rain, 7, have had to adjust to this new normal and don’t seem to enjoy their constant kissing.

However, Kourtney mentioned their “affectionate” relationship in the second episode while defending her and Travis’s CCP.

“Kissing and hugging is not bad,” she said. “I’m actually grateful that my kids can see loving, tender relationships because they haven’t seen that all their lives.”

But it is obvious that her children do not agree, as they seem to be very angered by their antics, for obvious reasons.

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Episode of this week Kardashian saw Penelope and Reign telling the couple to stop “French kissing” at the dinner table.

Kourtney can be seen playing table tennis with Penelope and Rain before Travis approaches and the pair immediately start kissing.

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In front of her children.

Penelope quickly yells, “Mom! No kissing!”

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Travis apologizes somewhat respectfully, and Courtney asks for “just one” more kiss.

“What about our certificates you gave us?” Courtney asks her daughter, apparently referring to the hand kiss, to which Pi yells “No!”

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They were called back to the dinner table where Courtney Travis and their children ate together.

The couple starts kissing again in front of all their kids, which seems to be too much for Rain, who says, “Ugh, guys! Could you guys stop French kissing again? before adding, “Guys, could you guys not french kiss?”

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This seems to be the end of their family dinner as the children leave the table.

Now, back to Travis’ health fear…

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It all started when the paparazzi spotted Barker and Courtney at a West Hills hospital on Tuesday morning due to apparent health issues…

As reported in TMZ, The West Hills medical team felt that Travis needed more help after he went to the hospital to be seen for a medical problem he had…

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He was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

“God save me,” Travis wrote during the ordeal…

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It is currently unclear what condition Travis is in and what medical emergency he required, but his daughter is clearly worried about his health.

On Tuesday night, Barker’s 16-year-old daughter, Alabama Barker, posted stories to her Instagram with her mom, Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler…

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She wrote, “Please send your prayers.”

And now she has published a photo that holds her father’s hand in the hospital.

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She shared the photo on her TikTok page with the caption, “Please pray.”

The update made many fans even more worried about his health…

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One twitter user wrote: “I hope Travis is ok. Sending prayers; sounds serious.”

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Her TikTok has since been taken down, but now she has shared an update with fans.

Taking to Instagram again, she posted another photo of her hand next to Barker’s, writing, “Thank you guys for all the prayers and love, I appreciate you and love you all.”

Travis’ stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya also wrote, “Thank you for the outpouring of love and prayer sent in this way. It is heard, felt and appreciated. XX”.

The source said PEOPLE that Kourtney “wouldn’t leave him”.

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“Courtney was worried yesterday. Both of them were,” the source said. “Travis was suffering from severe abdominal pain and could barely walk.”

TMZ then reported that Barker was suffering from pancreatitis.

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This is a condition in which the pancreas becomes inflamed, causing severe pain in the abdomen. It can also cause vomiting and nausea.

TMZ claims that “multiple sources” close to Barker told them that the condition was caused by a recent colonoscopy.

We hope he has a speedy recovery!

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