Travis Barker’s relationship with his two children.

Having a good relationship with your children can be stressful, but our celebrities make it like a walk in the park, sometimes we want to sign up for parents. Rock musician Travis Barker. Not only is he one of the most popular drummers in music today, he is also a great example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. At first glance, his bald head, tattoos and piercings are not a typical picture of what a good father’s personality should look like, but interestingly, the way he played the drums, Travis hacked his parents’ secrets. Is.

Named the ‘Father of Punk Rock’. the people. Magazine, Travis is a proud father to two children: daughter Alabama Loyola and son Landon Asher, both of whom he shares with his ex-wife. Shana Mockler.. The couple allegedly met for two years after they were married in 2004 and eventually divorced in 2008. Despite his failed marriage and his seemingly busy schedule, how does Travis act as a father? An inner scope on the relationship between the musician and his children!

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Travis Barker supports his son’s music career.

It’s one thing to love your kids and another thing to support them, but Travis Barker seems to be locked in! Like his father, 18-year-old Landon became interested in music and is now a budding musician. In November 2020, Landon released a rap song. Holiday Since then, many positive reviews have been received. Despite their gender differences, Travis uses all of his platforms to promote youth music.

He also supports Alabama’s impressive career.

Fifteen-year-old Alabama is on a very different path from his father and brother. With over 715k Instagram followers and over 1.4 million ticks, Alabama is on track to become one of them. Top impressions Of his generation. Travis has made multiple appearances on Alabama’s social media, and no one can deny how much he supports his young daughter.

She is twice her mother.

London and Alabama have a strained relationship with their mother. Shannon Muckler and thus, Travis are the only parents in their lives. Admitting that their mothers were not part of their lives, the two teenagers then asked fans to stop painting Shannon as a good mother. However, despite the absence of her mother, Travis seems to have no difficulty performing the duties of “motherhood” for London and Alabama, and only living there in the best possible way for her.

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They will appear in the new Kardashian show!

With Courtney and Travis’ never ending PDAs. Plastered all over social media, it is only fair that they are now fully involved in each other’s lives. Kardashians from Travis, London and Alabama have been confirmed to appear on the upcoming reality show Hulu. However, this will not be the first time the three cameras have appeared in their reality show. Meet the barkers. Between 2005 and 2006. Who knows if Courtney and Travis decide to tie the knot? We’re probably getting a mixed family reality show for couples and their kids!

Travis spends standard time with London and Alabama.

If Travis enjoys doing something, she is spending time with her children and the lovely trio never shy away from sharing photos of their time together on social media. Since going public about his relationship with Courtney, reality star Barker has also been involved in Family Moments. Spending a lot of time with Travis’ children., Going on vacation, and having a standard time together as a mixed family.

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Travis shares close relationships with his children.

Given that Landon and Alabama spend more time with their father, it’s only fair that the star shares a close relationship with the couple. Paying tribute to Travis’ birthday in 2020, Alabama named him her favorite while expressing how much she loves him. On several occasions, Landon has expressed his heartfelt love for his father, sharing his lovely photos and videos with Travis on social media. Dare we say this is one of the three most beautiful fathers we know!

He acknowledges her relationship with Courtney.

This may come as no surprise, but Travis Barker’s children, Alabama and London fully approve of their relationship with their girlfriend, Courtney Kardashian It’s pretty clear how much time he spends with the reality star and the sweet things he has to say about Courtney and Travis.

The brother and sister team made a point of making beautiful comments on Instagram below the pictures of Travis and Courtney, calling the couple “true love”. Landon and Alabama love their father’s girlfriend, and they don’t mind taking the A-list duo on a par with the PDA. Most importantly, he is loving and happy to see his father. Hello Travis makes them happy! Talk about sweet help kids!

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