Travis Scott returns to social media with a photo of 3-year-old daughter Stormi after the tragedy at Astroworld

American rapper Travis Scott returned to social media almost two months after the shocking tragedy of Astroworld.

Travis Scott returned to social media almost two months after the shocking Astroworld tragedy.

The hitmaker went silent on his platforms after 10 people died and hundreds were injured at his popular concert. The sun reports.

The 30-year-old posted his Instagram stories to share a photo of his 3-year-old daughter Stormi posing in black boots with a red visor and long jacket.

He then shared a black and white photo of himself wearing dress pants with a jacket over a shirt in celebration of the New Year.

Although he didn’t sign the snapshot, many were quick to welcome him back to social media.

One wrote: “He’s back!” while another chimed in: “New year, new Travis.

However, not everyone was about his return, as some took the opportunity to remind him of the events that unfolded in early November.

One fan commented, “Rest in peace to those lost at Astroworld,” while another asked, “So we’re acting like nothing happened?”

Travis remained silent after the event, as the country was shocked to learn of the tragedy that took place in Houston, which began when 50,000 people gathered for the two-day event.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said at the time: “Today we have confirmed at least eight deaths. We had a lot of injured people at this event. “

He added that at 21:38 there was an “incident of mass casualties” and the investigation is ongoing.

Travis, whose real name is Jacques Bermont Webster II, will soon react to the event in a heavily criticized Instagram post.

He said, “My fans really mean the whole world to me, and I always want to leave a positive experience for them, and anytime I can figure out what’s going on, I stop the show and help them get the help they need, you know?”

Then the performer added that he was “devastated” by what was happening, and repeated that he “never could have imagined anything like this.”

People who attended the festival and users on the network criticized Travis for allegedly not caring for people who were injured during the collision.

The videos show Travis continuing to perform while people scream and look scared.

His little mom, Kylie, also made a statement on social media: “Travis and I are broken and devastated.

“My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who died, was wounded or suffered as a result of yesterday’s events.

“I want to make it clear that we didn’t know about any fatalities until the news came out after the show and there was no further filming or performance in any world …”

This came after a local insider told The Sun at the time that 24-year-old Kylie and her 26-year-old sister Kendall Jenner “walked past the bodies as they were taken out of the event.”

A source recalls: “Kendall and Kylie each had 6 massive bodyguards.

“After things went awry, Kendall and Kylie were taken out and walked past bodies and people who were being given artificial respiration.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Kylie saw her holiday makeup line on hold and some fans threw her groceries in the trash.

However, the repercussions for Travis were more serious as he and fellow rapper Drake, who also performed at the festival, were prosecuted and charged with “inciting riot and violence” on the show.

Travis and Kylie are expecting their second child together.

This article originally appeared in The sun and was reproduced with permission

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