Trax Metal has been around since winning RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

After running a crazy underdog. RuPaul’s drag race., Our favorite Barbie-inspired icon won Trexy Metal. All stars 3. Tracy Originally competed in Season Seven and finished sixth. She originally finished 11th because she was initially eliminated, but had to return as a turn. It was later dropped in season seven, but it left a lasting impression on fans.

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Fans were overjoyed to see him return. All stars 3, Where She didn’t come back to play but to win it all. Despite not being the most obvious choice (she was down twice during the show), Trexy won two Maxi Challenges. She also became the first winner not to win Lips Sink for your legacy (minus one last of course season). But while the win was a shock to many fans, no one can say that Trexy did not make a name for itself in the industry after taking the crown. Here is a list of all the things they have achieved in the field of industry since the amazing victory of 2018.

Going on a world tour.

After her victory, Tracy Metal embarked on a new comedy tour called Now with the moving parts., Which encouraged the filming of a documentary about the 2019 experience. He has also recently released a musical comedy special. Traxy Metal: One night only., The premiere on YouTube that took place in an empty theater (with dolls as the audience) due to the effects of COVID on the industry.

Becoming a web star sensation.

With Katya Zamolodchikova, Trixie starred in a web comedy show. UNHhhh After appearing in season 7 of Drag race He also starred in the show’s spin-off. Tracky and hut show., Which lasted for a season after the original show was canceled. However, the original series was brought back until they contracted the COVID epidemic. That’s when they launched. Save the taxi and hut world., A show with a similar premise, but happening in their respective homes and cut together. However, UNHhhh It has since returned and is running strong as it won the Streamy Award in 2020 for the non-script series. But this is not the only show in her collection, as she has become a host. ThE-input stop., A YouTube recaping series. RuPaul’s drag race.. In 2019, Metal is one of the eligible stars of Netflix’s web series. I like to watch, Where he and his co-hosts react to shows and movies. During the quake, Tracy Metal created its own YouTube channel, which quickly reached a million users, making it a YouTube sensation.

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Releasing his own music.

While his first album. Two birds It was released before its appearance. All stars, Tracy’s music career really skyrocketed after her victory. He released the album. A stone A day after its victory, which was number one on iTunes the day it was released. Tracks were also released. Barbara In 2020, and for this album, she was nominated for Outstanding Breakthrough Artist at the GLAAD Media Awards. He is also featured in music videos by fellow Drag Queens.

Jump on the podcast train.

A lot of people are going to start your own podcast and this drag queen is no exception. He and comedian Kata started their podcast. Bald and beautiful After the success of his web series in 2020 and because it was in the middle of a global epidemic for him. This has been a major step forward since Podcast won the remaining foreign podcasts at the Canadian Podcast Awards.

Delivering to the world of cosmetics.

Since she won the show with her signature make-up, it only makes sense that this queen has created an empire of beauty. After its collaboration with Sugarpul Cosmetics, Trexy decided to launch its brand in May 2019. Since then, she has been successful in the make-up industry, debuting a number of successful collections, including the much-sought-after pairing with fellow Katya.

Becoming a seller author.

In 2020, Metal released a book with Katya Zmolodchikova entitled. Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood. A self-help book parody, the book offers a guide on how to navigate a world that doesn’t always have meaning. In July, it became a book. New York Times Best seller, second on the list for two consecutive weeks.

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Drowning in the alcohol industry.

Trexy Metal has recently made a leap into the world of wine. Since she is no stranger to encouraging her fans to live a little while performing in many bars, it is no surprise that she would like to immerse herself in the industry. In early 2021, Trexie announced that she had bought it. this is it, One of the oldest gay bars in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. She said she knew many bars that had closed in LA due to epidemics and did not want to see that happen with the first LGBTQ + bar when she was older. It has since announced a new vodka line called SERV, in collaboration with and inspired by five other drag queens.

Returning to the silver screen.

Trex Metal will be working on a new series in the 2022 streaming service Discovery + Set. Tracy Motel.There will be a reality show covering Tracy as she tries to restore a hotel in Palm Springs to its full potential (Barbie Dream House?). The show will also feature hotel co-owner and Treksy’s longtime boyfriend, film producer David Silver.

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