Trevor Noah wasn’t interested in joining the Daily Show the first time he was asked

According to an article from Hollywood ReporterTrevor Noah first contacted Jon Stewart directly as a correspondent in 2013, but Noah said he was not interested. Somehow, the South African comedian appeared and made three appearances as the show’s international correspondent before being announced as Stewart’s replacement as host.


Now, seven years later, Noah may look back on his legacy with pride, but he also wants to separate himself from it a bit. “At the end of his career, he is Trevor Noah and, yes, he hosted The Daily Show,” said one of his managers, Derek Van Pelt. “Whereas if you host The Daily Show for 25 years, you are Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, which is not what he is or what we wanted him to be.” So it looks like Noah is leaving on good terms with the show, just like he wants.

According to Vulture There was some doubt in the article that The Daily Show would continue after Noah left, but an anonymous source insisted that the show would continue. “It’s 100 percent that The Daily Show will move forward,” the source said. “This is the flagship and gem of the network. He’s not going anywhere.”

On the r/AskReddit subreddit thread, a fan asked who should replace Noah as the host of The Daily Show, and few bothered to give serious answers. “At the moment, no one cares,” he wrote. u/letsgetrandy. Elmo suggested u / Smurfinaforest playfully. However, there were several serious proposals, since u/GRADISPACE suggested former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee. It would be a good time, as B’s own unofficial Daily Show spin-off, Full Front with Samantha B, was just canceled by TBS in July (according to Diversity).

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