Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: model Kate Moss will testify

Supermodel Kate Moss will be called as a witness after Amber Heard said five words that could go a long way in Johnny Depp’s case.

Supermodel Kate Moss will take part in the explosive lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as legal groups push harder decisions as the case closes in the coming days.

Depp himself will also be brought to the podium this week in a “risk move” by Heard’s legal team.

On Monday, jurors also saw disturbing footage of the bloody scene in Australia following the fight between the two, including a photo of Depp’s fingertip, which was severed during the standoff.

Depp sued Heard for $50 million (AU$67 million) for implying he had insulted her in a 2018 Washington Post article. Although she did not name him, he claims that her claims are false and have cost him lucrative film roles.

Ms Hurd filed a counterclaim seeking US$100 million (AU$134 million) and alleging that she had been subjected to “unrestrained physical abuse and abuse” at his hands.

Depp spent four days as a witness earlier in court when he was questioned about his relationship with Heard and claimed he was abusive to his ex-wife.

But it looks like Hurd’s team wants to question the star one more time.

However, legal experts said the move could backfire.

“There is a risk that he will have more time to be likable on the podium when it’s actually Amber Heard’s time to present her case,” civil lawyer Katherine Lizardo said. New York Post.

Supermodel to testify

Another big name to be sworn in will reportedly be supermodel Kate Moss, due to appear on Wednesday. Mail.

Depp’s team is hoping that Moss’ nomination to the podium will play into their hands.

In early May, Depp’s lawyers were seen celebrating when Heard suddenly brought up Moss during her testimony.

Heard told the court about an alleged fight in 2015 between Depp and her sister Whitney Henriquez that took place near the stairwell. Heard said she hit Depp out of fear that he might have pushed her sister down the stairs.

Hurd added that she immediately thought of “Kate Moss and the stairs.”

These five words refer to rumored but never confirmed incidents.

During Depp’s UK trial in 2020, Hurd also referred to the alleged incident and said she “heard” Moss was pushed down the stairs.

The repeated mention of this incident gave Depp the opportunity to call Moss as a witness.

The couple were in a relationship from 1994 to 1997. It was tumultuous at times and Depp had to pay A$14,000 in damages after he trashed a hotel room after an argument with Moss.

But it is believed that she is still on good terms with the actor and his legal team will hoping that she will dispel this rumor.

The bloody scene is shown to the court

On Monday morning, the court heard a medical examiner and a psychiatrist chosen by Hurd’s lawyers, who reviewed the couple’s relationship, medical records and witness statements.

Dr. Richard Moore, an orthopedic surgeon, testified about how Depp severely injured his finger

How exactly Depp blew off a piece of his finger during the couple’s 2015 trip to Australia was a central issue in the case.

Heard claimed that Depp hurt himself when he flew into a rage and pulled an antique phone out of the wall. But the Pirates of the Caribbean star said the internal injury was caused by Hurd breaking a vodka bottle in his hand.

Dr. Moore said he doubted Depp’s serious injury to his finger could have been caused by the vodka bottle. He said the explanation for the injuries made no sense due to where Depp said his hand was, that there were no glass shards in the wound, and the nail was largely intact.

“Based on the picture of the injury, I can say that the described mechanism of injury (the bottle) is not consistent with the medical findings.”

Dr. Moore’s testimony supports Heard’s claim that Depp self-inflicted the injuries.

However, Camille Vazquez, one of Depp’s lawyers, tried to refute Dr. Moore’s testimony. She said he couldn’t rule out the bottle of vodka being the cause, as he wasn’t in Australia to treat Depp or attend to the injury.

But Mr. Moore insisted that he could “rule out trauma,” as Depp described it.

The doctor was then shown images of the bloody scene at Depp and Heard’s Australian residence, where the tip of a finger was cut off.

In one shot, a napkin could be seen with Depp’s finger resting on it.

In another shot of a scene littered with broken glass and drink cans, Ms. Vazquez said a broken vodka bottle was clearly visible.

Mr. Moore admitted that he had not seen images from the scene, and Ms. Vasquez suggested that his opinion of the incident might have been different if he had studied the photographs. But Hurd’s legal team said it wasn’t clear even from the photo that it was a broken vodka bottle on the floor.

Another witness, psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel, said that Depp “had the constant behavior of someone who commits intimate partner violence.”

He said that his behavior suggested that someone was abusing drugs and alcohol.

“We know he had to feed lines for films. He actually admitted that he made the film for nothing,” Dr. Spiegel said.

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