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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains detainees Dog booking episode of “That’s Where the Plot Thickens,” which aired today on Hulu

EXCLUSIVE: “It’s all real,” assures Officer Biga (Zan McClarnon) the mythical Lady Deer, played by Kaniehtio Horn, in the multi-genre latest episode. Reserve dogs.

Directed by Blackhorse Lowe, who co-wrote “Here the Plot Gets Thicker” with co-creator Sterlin Harjo, the eighth episode of the second season of FX goes deep into the interior and history. Released today on a streamer owned by Disney and Comcast, the episode focuses almost entirely on Big and local drug dealer Kenny Boy (Kirk Fox) and also fits into the overall arc of the Peabody Award winner. Rez Dogs and at the same time standing outside the strong series of indigenous people of North America.

Essentially starting off as a dull morning short story about a Lighthorse cop teetering on the absurd, Here’s Where the Plot Thickens quickly transcends the genre. The big heads to the drug dealers run to the junkyard in search of the stolen catfish, only to end up involuntarily swallowing hallucinogen-laced soda and going down the psychedelic path. The resulting romp in the Oklahoma woods weaves together a mosaic of the comical, the familial with a memory of visiting a grandmother, and the deeply traumatic as Big recalls the preventable death on a motorcycle of Elora’s (Devery Jacobs) mother, Cookie.

A couple of encounters with the mysterious Lady Hart also lead the duo to stumble into a masked and masked political and corporate heavyweight gathering of the Order of the Intermediates. Confirming many of Big’s worst fears of a conspiracy, the white supremacist “secret society” praises its control of “all Indian territory” and mining rights “underground”. Bring back to life that catfish plot from the previous season and Season 1’s “Come and Get Your Love”, the midstreamers get carnal with the heads of stolen fish.

Initially overtaken by the Governor’s bodyguards, a frightened and still heavily stoned Big survives the night Cookie and her biker boyfriend crash fatally. By revealing to Kenny Boy that he has “let down some of my friends”, Big begins to face his own pain. With masterful timing, Lady Hart shows up to clear out the bodyguards, free the duo (it turns out she was also visiting Kenny Boy), and console Big to take care of himself and “keep on acting good”.

Fighting for a good fight is exactly what the slightly more sober Big and Kenny Boy do when they call for backup and arrest the “fishy bastards” of the Midstreamers and their version of the “Bohemian Grove” in the earlier state. “Arrest those nasty burglars,” Big announces in a big takedown.

Oh yeah, and Big’s obsession with Bigfoot makes for a cameo too.

Lowe, McLarnon, and Fox spoke to me about “Here’s where the plot thickens,” what it’s like to act and what it means. Dog booking could go further.

TERM: Blackhorse, “Here’s where the plot thickens” is a very different episode of Reservation Dogs, even in a season that often throws out the roadmap. What was the inspiration for this episode?

LOW: I was inspired to write this episode by wanting to see Big and Kenny Boy reunite and take them on a psychedelic journey. You also need to do something completely different from the rest of the episodes. This episode is also a tribute to genres and films that I love.

TERM: Zan, in any other show, this would be a spin-off pilot, and maybe he’s here, but what was this episode for you, in which Big is so important?

McClarnon: You get the script, man, and you just show up and have fun and take risks and go for it, you know. And what a great guy next to me, Kirk Fox, improv specialist, who you just hang with, you know? We vacillated between this trait: overdoing it and not overdoing it.

Obviously, if you really stumble on hallucinogens, you just stand still and do nothing. You are simply delighted. So you have to find that fine line in the image of this trip, the image of being under the influence, so that the audience understands it, and it’s obviously a comedy, but it’s also a drama. So, you just need to find these fine lines and rely on each other. I relied heavily on Kirk, as well as Blackhorse Low and Sterlin.

TERM: What did you think of this idea when Sterlin and Blackhorse proposed it to you?

McClarnon: I just thought it was an amazing idea and having Blackhorse, knowing Blackhorse’s past and what Blackhorse went through and knowing him as a director, I was just really excited. Basically, he just comes to me with ideas and tells me what he thinks about next season.

TERM: Blackhorse, what does this episode tell us about the show as a whole?

LOW: I think this episode is about evolution. Dog booking is that we are fearless when it comes to stories and characters. We are ready to push the boundaries and expand the world created by Sterlin.

TERM: To that, Kirk, how far did you have to go in your own envelope in Plot?

FOX: Well, I have to say that it was a world where I never really danced in regards to psychedelics and trips. it wasn’t on my radar. So, what I have found liberating for myself is to just give up and get out of my way.

TERM: How was it with Zan, so to speak, the co-pilot?

FOX: (LAUGHS) I fell in love with Zan from the day I met him, there was always some kind of family connection.

So, Zan created such a safe environment to just stop thinking and just say the words, and all we saw was what got us going. If I improvised he went with it and he got loose and then I went with him. So it was a real dance and for me it was a blast. You know, you can see it on paper, but as long as it’s not in your face, then… well, our reaction was real. So I guess that’s what made it funny for me because I couldn’t believe what they presented to us.

TERM: Blackhorse, what do you hope the reaction to this episode will be?

LOW: I hope this episode comes across like Alejandro Jodorowsky. El Topo as well as holy mountain were to me. Both really shocked my sensitivity to understanding the use of psychedelics in cinema.

TERM: There’s a lot of psychedelia in here, a lot of very deeply rooted themes, but there’s also a pretty fast-paced 30-minute almost cult buddy movie in the mix. You guys have been working together on the show for two seasons now, but this was a whole new level of interaction. How did you prepare for this?

McClarnon: I have seen several psychedelic films of the past. We really had a preview. What was the name of that movie the Blackhorse was showing, Kay?

FOX: Last nightbut I didn’t go because I didn’t want to be frightened.

McClarnon: (LAUGHS) I watched it at home in my hotel room. It’s an old movie from the 70’s about psychedelics and eating psychedelics. So I focused on more of that, researched stuff like that instead of looking more at buddy movies.

TERM: Really?

McClarnon: Yeah, like Kirk said, I just have to show up and be open to Kirk, you know, because Kirk starts with love. I just had to be open to it, to be open to the dialogue and what Sterlin and Blackhorse wrote about these two characters. Kirk is so easy to work with because he is such a person. So, I didn’t research any buddy movies or anything like that.

FOX: I didn’t know either.

TERM: Not?

FOX: No. I felt that Zan and I were buddies. So, no matter what we were doing, everyone around us was referring to buddy cop movies, whether it was Lethal Weapon or 48 Hours, because there was no denying that what they were seeing was something, what they could be referring to, but I know, speaking for myself, that I didn’t think about any of that because we were just buddies and we were just doing the action.

As for the spin-off, the truth is that Kenny Boy, like Kirk Fox, has always wanted to be a cop at heart. I think Kenny Boy dreams about law enforcement. So the spin-off can go anywhere. I think the next time Big and I are together, I mean, it might be very interesting, but I think Kenny Boy just wants a badge, fake or not.

TERM: Zan, do you think we’ll see more of that, more of how Big and Kenny Boy build on the experience they’ve had in this episode?

McClarnon: Dude, who knows where Sterlin is taking the show? I mean, he’s got such a creative mind and he’s such a pleasure to work with, and I don’t know where he’s taking the show. I just know that he wanted Big to have more of a backstory and for the audience to understand Big’s trauma. I just thought it was the perfect episode to let the public, the viewers, see this trauma from Big and how to expose that trauma.

TERM: Kirk?

FOX: Here I have to agree with Zan. I think this show will go wherever Sterlin’s mood is at the time, and as they say, wherever it goes, I think it will touch on what’s going on in the world at large.

This episode is big.

In terms of scale, it touches on some pretty complex topics, and I think that’s what I like about this show. That Sterlin with Blackhorse decided to humanize Kenny Boy a bit and let me run around with Zahn for the entire episode was very interesting to me, to get me out of the recycling yard and just let Kenny Boy start living.

TERM: In many ways, that’s the point of the show…

FOX: Yes, I think beauty Dog booking whatever it touches and wherever it goes, it comes from the truth. I think when you have the truth as a basis and you are not answerable to anyone but yourself and other writers who are all his friends and the community. He’s been talking for hundreds of years. So whatever he says is important and it will never be easy. I think he set the stage for everything you want, I think you can see in this show right now. Now there is no containment.

TERM: Speaking of not holding back, Zan, you might be one of the busiest people in Hollywood right now. you just had Hawkeyeand you have Echo will appear on Disney+, you have Dark Windsand you have Rez Dogs. In a career spanning decades, how does it feel to have all these projects going on right now?

McClarnon: It’s great when you’re wanted. As an actor, you’ve been working on this for years. I’ve been in this business for 30 years and finally got to the point where I’m constantly working and people ask me and I’m just incredibly lucky to be where I am today.

This is a dream come true. It really is.

I hope this continues. Now I’m getting a little older and I’m having fun, and that’s the main goal of having fun and enjoying life. Enjoy what I do and enjoy the process. For Res Dogs, this episode was one of the highlights. It’s all about taking risks and having fun, and that’s what I try to do, and I hope it shows up in the work. I am really.

TERM: You guys have finished filming the second season and the finale is clearly on September 28th. What are the implications of what happened between Big and Kenny Boy in this episode?

FOX: Well, I can tell you will have to look.

TERM: You have to say it’s in your contract…

McClarnon: We’re hired actors, and if we’re not in other episodes, we don’t know what the scripts are, you know? So we don’t know. It might carry over to next season, but as far as I know, you know, Kenny and Big live to be close friends. Who knows what will happen? Am I going to arrest Kenny now? Who knows?

FOX: Who knows what happens in life? I know Kenny Boy could use a shower.

McClarnon: Maybe Big will come back and get some psilocybin therapy from Kenny Boy, you know? Maybe Kenny Boy will be his spiritual guide.

TERM: Blackhorse, will we see more such individual episodes? Another team of Big and Kenny Boy?

LOW: I hope so. And I hope I’ll be there to write and direct it and make it even weirder than this last episode.

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