Tristan Thompson delivers dozens of roses to his daughter

Tristan Thompson confirmed that he is the father of a third child, and apologized to Khloe Kardashian in the same post, but not before taking his daughter Tru from her gymnastics club, giving her dozens of roses.

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The temporary relationship of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson turned into a roller coaster …

Let’s face it, being a member of one of the most famous families in the world is likely to complicate any relationship …

Over the past few months, there have been rumors that Chloe and Tristan have tried again …

But after the latest news about Tristan’s betrayal, it seems that he has no chance of returning with Chloe for a long time.

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The couple started dating back in 2016 …

When the ex-Tristan was actually pregnant with his child … I guess the beginning, how are you going to continue?

At the time, the Kardashian clan provided incredible support …


Chris is talking Us Weekly: “They are really cute. She’s having a good time. He seems like a really nice guy. I think in any relationship, just in life, I think it is about chemistry and values. “

And, despite moving from family to Cleveland to be with the NBA star, when he started basketball season, she seemed pretty happy.


In a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, she explained that she often visited Cleveland to be with her boyfriend. “I really really like it,” she said of the city. “I like to go about my routine and be a little more unnoticed.”

Soon the couple plunged into a whirlwind romance …

And Chloe even confessed to James Corden on Late show that they even used the word “L” for each other.

Then, after 2 years of dating, the couple had a little daughter Tru …

And they both seemed impatient and excited to be parents together.

Outside, the couple was perfect for each other …

And reported this People that Chloe was nesting in Cleveland in her shared home with Tristan.

However, soon after that it became known that Tristan was seen in a rather dangerous situation …

Rumors began to spread when a video was posted of Tristan getting up close and personal with another woman in a NYC bar, but Chloe simply ignored the rumors and they greeted their daughter, True, on April 11, 2018.

Less than a year later, everything worked out …


In February 2019, their relationship was severed after it was confirmed that Tristan was kissing Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordin Woods, at a party.

And Tristan immediately faced backlash …


The Kardashians began to unsubscribe from Jordin and Tristan shortly after the public betrayal, and Khloe deleted several Instagram accounts featuring Tristan.

After all, one would expect him to bury his head in shame …

However, numerous reports have suggested that he lot apologies to Chloe in desperate attempts to get her back.

And thanks to the fact that many of her friends and relatives warned her against this …

She did not return it, but instead focused on being a good mom for Truth and taking care of her. itself.

The couple is gradually building civil relations with each other …

And they met several times to make sure that their daughter had a good relationship with her father.

Well, it turns out that Tristan will become the father of three …

But not with Chloe. Ouch.

He is already the father of daughter Chloe True and co-founder of Prince’s son with his former Jordan Craig.

Due to the recent In the aftermath of the scandal, he was reportedly faced with having to take a paternity test after a woman claimed he was the father of her child.

tristan thompson takes dna test as woman claims hes fathered a third child 15
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Not only did it prove positive, the woman gave birth to a baby on December 1 and sued the star for child support, who reportedly admitted in the text that she is retiring and she will only receive the minimum from him. Ouch

It’s about Maralie Nichols, a thirty-one-year-old personal trainer …

And she spent Christmas 2021 with a newborn.

According to reports, the couple met in March, during the celebration of Tristan’s 30th birthday …

This means that the child was conceived while Tristan and Chloe were still together.

Oh my God.

V declaration given by Tristan, he claims to have been “close” with Nichols only that night …

He said, “When we got to my hotel room, we immediately had intercourse. Plaintiff [Nichols] initiated our sexual intercourse and never objected to intercourse. She was in a very wakeful state and conscious and showed no signs that she was a voluntary participant in our sexual activity.

“We did not drink in my hotel room and the plaintiff was not drunk. After we had intercourse, the petitioner specifically asked me if she could sleep because it was my ‘special birthday,’ as she called it. “

He continued, “I told her that I had to get up early in the morning, but she said it would not be a problem for her. After intercourse, we went to bed. “

Since it was revealed that Tristan is the father of the child, Nichols demanded that the star reimburse such things as medical expenses, vitamins for pregnant women and other expenses associated with the child.

However, Tristan is trying to move their case to Texas in order to limit the amount that Nichols can demand for …

The boy was welcomed into this world and he really belongs to Tristan, well.

Tristan also confirmed this on his Instagram.

And then he made a public apology to someone in particular.

“Today, the paternity test results show that I became the father of a child with Maelle Nichols,” he began in his Instagram story.

“I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising our son together.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended or disappointed during this ordeal, both publicly and privately,” he continued.

And then he began his heartfelt apology to Chloe.

Screenshot 2022 01 04 at 10.29.05
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“Chloe, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I’ve caused you. You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you over the years.

“My actions were definitely not in line with my view of you. I really respect and love you. No matter what you think. Again, I’m sorry, ”he finished.

And just before that public apology, it seemed like he was the super-father of his daughter Tru.

It is true that she is 3 years old, she is a little gymnastics fanatic, and her dad picked her up right before he confirmed that she would have a stepbrother on Instagram.

In accordance with TMZ, daddy for 3 different mums, haven’t seen Truth for several days …

So he just needed to make meeting her a special occasion.

But not everyone agreed that the stars showed affection for his daughter.


And it probably has something to do with the fact that he broke Chloe’s heart.

Screenshot 2022 01 05 at 12.48.16.jpg.optimal
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But, nevertheless, he tries his luck with Tru and Chloe.

Brought to his daughter what was believed to be over 100 roses.

And that was just before he apologized to Chloe.

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