Tristan Thompson’s baby mom Maralee Nichols shares rare video of son Theo as NBA star ‘refuses to pay child support’

Marali Nichols, mother of TRISTAN Thompson’s third child, has shared a rare video of six-month-old Theo.

The famed NBA star, 31, still hasn’t met her son, according to the fitness model.


Marali Nichols has shared a rare new video of her son Theo.Credit: Instagram/maraleenichols
Meanwhile, she continues to feud with her child's father, Tristan Thomspon, over child support payments.


Meanwhile, she continues to feud with her child’s father, Tristan Thomspon, over child support payments.1 credit

Taking to her Instagram Stories, 31-year-old Marali shared a short video with baby Theo.

While she hasn’t shown his face yet, the video shows his legs and feet swinging in the high chair.

She added the time 10:47 and wrote to explain that the mother-son couple was sitting down to breakfast.

She shared, “My baby is so excited to sit in his high chair and eat his big boy food.”

Mother of child Tristana Marali shared a rare photo of her son Theo
Tristan Thompson's mom Marali Nichols shares rare full body photo of son Theo
The proud mom told her followers about her growing baby.


The proud mom told her followers about her growing baby.Credit: Instagram/maraleenichols

Although she maintains a private life for herself and Theo while the baby is growing, Marali has recently begun sharing short videos of her beloved baby.

Over the weekend, she posted a clip of him jumping in his jumper, wearing a striped blue robe.

Earlier this month, Marali showed her fans most of what they’ve seen from him to date in videos from a walk at the zoo.

However, his face was still turned away from the camera.

Marali is currently in a feud with the child’s father, Tristan, who is Khloé Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend.

Marali said he was refusing to pay child support and “didn’t try” to meet their son, who was born in December.

Tristan did not appear in any of Marali’s videos or Theo’s photographs.

Last month, she demanded that he pay “$47,000” a month and $1 million in legal fees after he allegedly refused to pay their child support.


According to UsWeekly she sparked a legal battle with Tristan.

Marali filed paperwork with a Los Angeles court in early March.

In legal documents, she claimed that the Chicago Bulls player had “only $9.7 million in income.”

The model requested a “recommended monthly child allowance of $47,424.”

However, during an argument, Tristan had previously referred to his baby mom as a “gold digger”.


Marali gained public attention after it was revealed that she is the mother of Tristan’s favorite child.

Paternity tests have confirmed that Tristan was the father of the child after he cheated on Hulu star Khloe with Marali.

After the shocking revelations, he apologized to Chloe in a public statement and promised that he “hopes for a friendly upbringing” of the child with his former mistress.

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However, since then, Tristan has been dismissive of his new child and, according to Marali’s rep, “has made no attempt to meet their son and has not provided any financial assistance.”

Tristan also has a 4-year-old daughter, True, with Chloe, and a 5-year-old son, Prince, with his ex, Jordan Craig.

Marali welcomed Theo in December


Marali welcomed Theo in DecemberCredit: Instagram/maraleenichols
He is her only child and Tristan has three mothers.


He is her only child and Tristan has three mothers.Credit: Marali Nichols/Instagram
The NBA player famously shares four-year-old True with Khloe Kardashian.


The NBA player famously shares four-year-old True with Khloe Kardashian.Credit: Instagram / Tristan Thompson

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