Turns out, there’s an online community that celebrates “growing, maintaining and styling long hair” and here are 42 of their best works.

Long hair has always been popular in human culture – for both women and men. Thanks to his hair, the biblical hero Samson gained his superhuman strength, Princess Rapunzel’s hair allowed her to escape from a high tower, and braided hair is a symbol of youth, beauty and even freedom among different peoples. were

In the modern world, the fashion for different hairstyles changes from decade to decade, long hair goes in and out of the thread – but there were always people who cared for their hair with love. Of course, modern cosmetics offer great opportunities in hair care – and people are ready to use them.

For example, there is A whole community on Reddit called “Long Hair” is, as its founders themselves note, “for anyone interested in growing, maintaining and styling long hair”. As of today, the community has around 398K members. Not all of them have the strength, patience and natural flair to grow long hair, but after all, who is stopping you from looking at these beautiful photos?

KristenBellTattoos.com have collected for you the most popular, stunning and simple pictures of members of this community, so now feel free to scroll till the end, admire this beauty with us and who knows, maybe you decide to grow long hair today. will do ? After all, it is very beautiful!

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