Twitter accepted ‘high school’ Allana Hamm, but continued to drag Ben Plot.

The internet is not ashamed to tell you how they feel about it. Ben Plot’s casting as a high school student. In the film adaptation of the hit Broadway play. Dear Evan Hansen..

The film tells the story of Avon Hansen, a dark high school student who goes on a rampage after committing suicide after befriending a classmate. The plot began in 2014. Before it debuted on Broadway in 2016. In response to critics who claimed the 27-year-old was too old to play a high school role in the film adaptation, Plot defensively announced that the film Probably not made If it weren’t for his involvement.

After the release of the trailer and the picture of the actor crying began to circulate as a meme, the plot said. The first answer to the controversy It was, “Oh you guys, you don’t even know it wouldn’t live without me,” but in the end, he had to let the work speak for itself. “There has never been any argument that I will not play this role. It is ingrained in me,” he said of the episode.

But just as Twitter teasing seemed to be fading, Metro Gold van Meyer released the first glimpse of Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming film. Licorice pizza., Which has age-conflicting castings.

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Allana Hamm, 29, One-third of the bandham., Alana plays Kane. Licorice pizza., Which tells the story of Kane and Gary Valentine growing up and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley.

The reaction to Ham’s casting has been significantly different from the plot. But as a Twitter user said, the reason may be that this time the actor is actually watching the part.

“It’s ridiculous that Alana Haim is 29 years old and playing the role of a young man and it looks very natural, while he somehow manages to complete the Ben Plot (a year younger than Allana!) Button Benjamin Button. Made, “And they were not alone.

“Everyone is talking about Alana Ham. Licorice pizza. Looks like he’s linking it to Ben Plot. Dear Evan Hansen.. The difference is that he looks old enough. Jose Weeden needs to reduce his age to look younger.

One critic wrote, “When Ben Plot plays a teenager, it’s disgusting, miserable, cruel, when Alana Heim plays a teenager, it’s ironic, self-conscious, cheeky, and so on.” ” “The difference between Alana Ham and Ben Plot is that we like Alana Ham,” wrote another.

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Some users again could not cite a picture of the weeping plot. An entertaining commentator commented, “Alana Haim is playing the lead role in the 29-year-old new Paul Thomas Anderson movie. I know Ben Plot is crying somewhere.

Is anyone left in the corner of the Ben plot?

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