Twitter called Paul McCartney “bitter” when he removed the Rolling Stones.

The artist is drawing attention to some remarks made in an interview about another famous band in England.

McCartney cast a shadow over the Rolling Stones, and the fans were not happy.

Paul called them the “Blues Cover Band”

The musician did a recent interview with The New Yorker, which was when he made comments about the Beatles’ rival group.

He spoke What kind of group does he consider rolling stones? Being, and apparently, it’s not in a league like its own.

“I’m not sure I should say that, but they’re a blues cover band, like rocks,” said the 79-year-old.

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He then went on to say in many words that the Beatles were far more popular and successful.

“I think our net was a little bit wider than theirs,” McCartney said. Allegedly a billionaire., Finished.

He had said the same thing before; the last time he told radio host Howard Stern that the Beatles were “better than the rocks.”

People said Paul was a “bitter”, old man.

After his comments surfaced, people thought McCartney was just a bitter old man who was jealous of the Stones tour and shows.

“What’s going on with Paul? He’s getting bitter,” someone commented.

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Another person said, “It’s crazy that he’s still making records and filling the field and he’s not.”

A third wrote, “Well, it was an unnecessarily dirty thing from an old man who remembers the days of his greatness.”

Others were saying that Paul, Who is the richest member of the Beatles., Just trying to stir up the headlines to keep them relevant.

“Let me say some nonsense so I can be relevant this week.”

– Paul McCartney Probably, “wrote one man.

Some people point out that this enmity has been going on for a long time.

“Paul clearly made up his mind in 1962 and stuck to it. He should be respected,” said one Twitter user.

“Wow. He kept it for a long time,” echoed another person on the platform.

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