Twitter defended Daniel Craig’s pink suit after the Pierce Morgan attack.

James Bond latest movie, There is no time to die. It had its London premiere on Tuesday night, and fans flocked to the red carpet to catch a glimpse of the cast.

The film has been a source of speculation and anticipation for months. His release was delayed. COVID-19 due to epidemic disease as news broke it. There is no time to die. will be done Daniel Craig’s last appearance As a British secret agent drinking Martini, much of the internet is buzzing with speculation as to who will fill the 007 pairs.

But after the film’s UK premiere this week, the notoriously controversial British news broadcaster Pierce Morgan had a completely different question on his lips. Craig surprised many fans of the Detective Thriller franchise when he appeared on the red carpet in a velvet warm pink suit.

For many, it was a welcome move by the actor, in which a Twitter user wrote, “Pink is hot. Pink is hot. Pink is bad too **! Bond approved.” But Morgan took a very different view. Knife outside Choice of actor’s dress

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Former Good morning uk The presenter tweeted a photo of Craig in an abusive suit and captioned it, “Dear Aziz A (7) dear. James Bond will never wear a pink suede dinner jacket, Mr. Craig … Austin Powers Tribute Act. no. ”

But Craig’s fans did not let Morgan’s comments go unchallenged. One even directly denied the claim that Bond did not wear pink, Sharing photos of past 007 actorsIncluding Sean Connery and Roger Moore, shaking pink tones in previous films.

Another mocked Morgan. Highly publicized and dramatic He made it to his television hosting team earlier this year. He wrote, “Daniel Craig does his own stunts, loses 2 teeth, has a severed shoulder, sprained ankles and knees, tears both calf muscles and keeps filming with a broken leg. He can wear whatever he wants. You walked out of live TV because you didn’t like the question from the weather expert. ”

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And another fan joked that Morgan’s tweet in the recently released film directly resembles Craig’s character, tweeting, “Does Pierce Morgan know that James Bond is not real?” Many Twitter users praised Craig for wearing a color that is not commonly seen on men, especially in formal settings. One wrote, “One color can’t be controversial. It just can’t. And raspberry pink is Daniel Craig’s color – it just works for him.”

It is worth noting that Morgan. Recently posted a shot on Twitter. Outside the initial screening of the new Bond movie, with the caption, “Breaking: Daniel Craig’s change as 007 finally came to light ….”

Perhaps we can see his critique of Craig’s premiere look as simple old jealousy. However, as some fans have noted, it is doubtful that Morgan himself could pull off such a bold pairing.

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