Twitter explained an obscure Debra why Kim Kardashian was selected for SNL.

After the announcement. Kim KardashianThe flickering of the future continues. Saturday night live.Many were seemingly scratched. Strange choice of host.

On Wednesday, September 22 Different types. Released an article showing the lineup. of the SNLNext season’s starring, Rami Malik, Owen Wilson, and Jason Sodekes, was the star of reality. Kim Kardashian. Kardashian is set to host October 9.

However, the news. Continuing Kardashian. Star Hosting SNL The comedy show was not well received by some fans. While some critics thought the star sketch was “not funny enough” for the show, others questioned the decision altogether.

Was among the confused critics. Will and Grace. Star, Debra Messing.. Messing expressed confusion over his choice on Twitter as he said: “Why Kim Kardashian? I mean, I know he’s a cultural icon, but SNL hosts, in general, the actors There are promotions for movies, TV shows, or album launches. Am I forgetting something? ”

After criticism of the actress, Kardashian and fans of both. SNL Similarly, Messing went to Twitter to give a little insight into whether the choice could be made. Many have highlighted how Kardashian’s social status and large-scale influence could lead to a choice. SNL Executives are trying to increase the show’s ideas and ratings.

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For example, a Twitter user wrote, “Truth be told, Debra Messing, K. Kim Kardashian has just wrapped up what is probably the most successful and longest running reality television show in history. Is launching a new series on Hulu. He and his ‘side gigs’ schemes and kkkwbeauty made him a billionaire. He is worth nbcsnl.

Another said, “It’s going to be one of their top rated shows. Isn’t that it? Show business.”

Others have criticized Messing, claiming that he “Crazy he was not asked to host.“.

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Meanwhile, Kardashian fans jumped in his defense against Messing. He made this claim. SNL The hosts did not need to be exclusively actors or musicians.

Even Colombian actor and singer Christian Acosta agreed. “Showbiz is very different today than it was in the past. It’s more than just a movie, TV show or album launch. Let’s remember that television generally represents LGBTQ,” Acosta said in response to the message. Didn’t and people then asked why they were missing. Change is good. ”

Others defended Kardashian, pointing out that if Elon Musk was shot at the host, he would too.

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