Twitter fried Salt B after calling itself ‘Inspiration’

remember. Salt b? Turkish butcher and Chef who went viral. For the extravagance of salting her beef in 2017? Sweet meme impressed countless copycats and. Even some celebrity reactions..

But do you think about it often? Well, Salt B definitely thinks he does.

The 37-year-old man behind the meme, Nusrat Gox, has gone viral again, but this time for all the wrong reasons. Talking to Times, Salt B announces that perhaps its biggest impact on the Pakistani world is not the 14 Nasr at restaurant it has opened around the world, but the hope it has given. The future of the butcher’s business

“In the old days, no one said they were butchers,” he says. “They wouldn’t like it. In Turkey, you would ask a child, ‘What would you like to be?’ He will say, ‘A doctor, an engineer, an astronaut.’

He added, “Now everyone wants to be a butcher because of me. Now, if you ask a child, they want to be Salt B. They see me as an idol. I am one for many people. Inspiration. Short time. ”

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As always, we can count on Twitter to tell us if Salt B is telling the truth. “LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who is lying to Salt BAWTF,” wrote one inspiring critic.

“Everywhere I go, kids are always like ‘I want to be a butcher’ or ‘I want to be a snack.’ Today’s young people like to say, “Another joked, a third added,” Everywhere I go, I see every child, everyone tells me the same thing. ”

And the jokes continued. “Yeah, my four-year-old nephew ‘F *** is like dump trucks, I want to be Salt B,” said one happy reader. “If I meet a kid who says he wants to be Salt B. If you want, I’ll throw them in front of the train. ”

One reader wanted to know if it could have an effect, but most children are talking about becoming a butcher because of their family. “[L]And don’t pretend that 6/10 boys in the Middle East are butchers because of their families, because that’s the job of the ‘lower class’.

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Salt B opened it. Latest Nasr at Restaurant. This week in London, where he charges 11 11 for the Red Bull and 30 630 for the Tom Hawk steak. Prices have not been well received by the public.

Looks like Salt B will have to find a little more to find its potential successors.

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