Twitter is divided over whether this ‘sex education’ character is a villain.

Sex education, A series about British youth going through adolescence, has become a global hit. Its third season. At the beginning of this month, Netflix topped the reviews and streaming giant’s trending charts. It has even been renewed for the second season.

Despite the range of topics discussed in the series – ranging from sexuality and sexual abuse to gestational pregnancy – what’s the highlight of the latest season The love triangle between the three main characters. While some fans have been eagerly awaiting the gradual build-up of Otis and Mayo’s romance since Season 1, Season 3 has embarked on a new quest for dynamics between Otis and Ruby.

However, the Oates-Ruby pairing was short-lived, and many interpreted it as another step towards Oates, realizing their true feelings for Mayo. The debate between the fans, which is a better pair, has been going on ever since. Sex educationThe third batch of installments was released. And it is almost certain that the creators of the show were using the classic love triangle scenario for tension among the viewers.

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But what they didn’t expect was that some people could interpret Oates’ role in the play as a “villain.” Of course, Asa Butterfield, the actor who portrayed Oates, didn’t see him come. Yesterday, Butterfield responded to one on Twitter. Square Think it Suggested that Oates was not just a “villain.” But also a “contemptible friend, boyfriend and son.” Butterfield. Tweeted“Imagine being pressured so hard by a legendary teenage boy trying to fall in love. There’s a lot of error in this article. I don’t want to pay too much attention to it.”

And many fans of the original Netflix series agree, with a suggestion that those who see Oates as a villain “lose sight of the show.”

“There are no villains,” he wrote, “only those who are able to do good and evil when they stumble by knowing themselves.”

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But some Twitter users weren’t sure, Point to times in the series When the character acted in an objectionable manner. However, the consensus of many people was that although he often made mistakes, Oates did not deserve the title of “villain”.

One even suggested that he was as bad as a 17-year-old boy in real life. He wrote, “Oates should not be seen as a shining character of perfection. He should be seen as going wrong and growing and changing and correcting things and then making things wrong again. He 17 Of the year. ”

Sex education Not only has it received critical acclaim. Normalize sexual issues, But also for the realistic search for what it is like to be a teenager. And an important part of it is not to see things completely in black or white.

We have to stick with Asa on this and suggest that those who see Oates as an irreplaceable villain are probably speaking from their personal experience of telling someone “I love you”, and that Didn’t hear back.

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