Twitter is furious after Kate Middleton’s latest tweet.

Kate Middleton, a member of the royal family, took to Twitter to mourn the death of schoolteacher Sabina Nisa. Nisa was killed September 17 while walking to a pub near her home. She was 28 years old.

Middleton’s tweet paid tribute to the victims and recent victims of the killings in the UK. He began by tweeting, “I am saddened by the loss of another innocent young woman on our streets.” At the end of his tweet, he credited himself with the “C”, representing Middleton’s first name, Catherine.

Twitter has not completely bought its sincerity in this matter. Middleton did not appear in the candlelight for NASA last night, which is why consumers did not take it seriously. Prior to Nisa’s death, Sarah Award, 33, was killed on the streets of Britain. Middleton was there to alert him, but he did not pay tribute to her on social media.

Numerous users have accused Middleton of using the issue to get more media attention, but other users want him to use his position not to create social media posts, but to help improve the roads. ۔ A user Tweeted“Ideas are good but will not solve anything. Use your position to create discord and start advocating for them.”

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Nisa was a primary school in Lewesham, south-east London, before her death. CNN Reported Detectives believed she was passing through Cater Park on her way to a bar in Pegler Square, where she intended to meet a friend. This place was only five minutes away from his house.

Officers recently arrested a man on suspicion of murder. The man is currently in police custody, according to the publication. Officers are also looking for another man in connection with his murder. Pictures of the man and a vehicle have been released, hopefully someone will come forward with information.

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BBC Reported That people passed information sheets on road safety on NASA’s vigilance. This sheet warns people to be aware of their surroundings, hide their valuables, face oncoming traffic and try to walk alone at night.

Although there was no appearance from Middleton, Prince William., And Prince Charles.The family sent flowers to the watchman to offer their condolences. Users on Twitter have reminded others of this sign, and one user. Tweeted“Sending tweets and flowers is hardly PR” – rather it is simple human politeness and the Duchess certainly sheds light on issues that politicians overlook. ”

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The royal family has not commented on the rise in crime on Britain’s streets. There is no word on the steps the royal family is taking to improve the roads. As of this writing, no charges have been filed against the police officers arrested in connection with Nisa’s death.

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