Twitter is furious at the return of Lori Loflin to acting after the college admission scandal.

Lori Loflin gained public recognition. Becky is playing. No space, And actresses generally had a lot of public respect in the past. 2019 College Admission Scandal Shook his world

Loflin was part of a group of celebrities embroiled in the “varsity blues” scandal, aimed at bribing college admissions and falsifying exam scores.

Logan, along with her husband, Mosimo Gyanoli, was sentenced to a short prison term following a high-profile trial. Fans at the time were not sympathetic to the plight of the former. 90210. The actress, in particular, managed to reduce her time behind bars to just two months.

When she was released from prison at the end of 2020, speculation was rife as to whether Loughlin would return to acting. And now, almost a year later, the news has broken the role of the actress after the first scandal. She is set to star in the second season of the GAC Family series. When hope calls.

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While some Twitter users thought that Lufflin’s return to the entertainment industry was only expected, With a text“Well. He paid off his debt. That’s the way it should be for everyone,” many others felt he had been left too light. Many suggested that Loufflin should be “blacklisted” from Hollywood after being behind bars. And others cite the mother’s two “white privileges” that led her to return to acting so easily.

One Twitter user wrote, “She went from wearing shackles and being behind bars to getting the lead role in a new show. No words really,” and another tweeted, “Get away, Lori.” A greedy bully.

Lofflin is not the only celebrity in his family – his daughter, Olivia Jade, is a YouTuber who has been embroiled in controversy since the news of her mother’s involvement in the 2019 scandal. ۔ Twitter users were particularly critical of the YouTube star. The latest season Dancing with the stars, Declaring him “incompetent”.

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And since the news of Laulin’s return to the world of acting surfaced, social media has been filled with anger that has left a member of the famous family with a clear lack of results. One person wrote.“So Olivia Jade gets a spot on Primetime TV and Lori returns from the Hallmark Channel? Further proof that if you’re beautiful and white you can literally get away with anything and still Can be rich and successful. ***** Fun. ”

Loufflin’s upcoming project seems a bit out of the mainstream, with many fans joking that they had never heard of the GAC Family Media Group before. So maybe it will take Filler house Take a moment to get back into the realm of popular entertainment. Only time will tell!

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