Twitter is glad Harry and Meghan’s opera interview didn’t win Amy.

Interview with the famous Oprah Prince Harry. And Meghan Markle was ready for the Emmy Award, but lost.

His two-hour television talk show lost with a project by veteran producer Stanley Toki.

The Internet seemed happy with the results, however, with many agreeing that the clip did not deserve an award.

The interview was for an Amy, but lost.

On Sunday, there was a pre-event for the Ames, which takes place on the 19th.

It was at last night’s ceremony that the winner of the Best Hosted Non-Fiction Series category was announced.

The famous interview where Harry and Meghan expressed their displeasure. Leaving the royal family Due to pressure and racism, was nominated.

video, Harry reportedly regrets.Gained about 50 million views in the first two days after it aired.

Opera and her team, ready for the award because it was her production, lost the Stanley Toki series on Italian cuisine.

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Twitter users were thrilled to hear this.

After the news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex interviews had not snatched Amy, the reactions were mostly happy.

People generally felt that the couple talking to the opera was not worthy of the award.

Many people weren’t sure if it was ever the first place to be nominated.

“Why would they consider this performance for an Amy? Funny,” one person wrote.

“It was for an Amy – seriously? Who cares about her story. It’s not the United States, it’s the United Kingdom. We have our own S to worry about,” said someone else.

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Another user tweeted, well, the interview doesn’t deserve any kind of award.

Some said they thought the interview should be in the category of fiction because they did not believe what the royal family was saying.

“Because a document / interview based on lies and misunderstandings will never win. Although the best fiction category should have won,” said one person.

“Well it was in the wrong category, it should have been in the fiction section!” Another person said.

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