Twitter is happy Tashia Adams is with Zack after the behavior of Ivan and Brandon.

Instead of focusing on who ends the couple, the audience was talking about who they were not happy with.

Tessia Adams with fianc Zack, with Ivan and Brandon.
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کنوارہ Fans of the franchise were highlighting on Twitter after this week’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

After seeing how both Ivan and Brandon worked this season, there are many. Praise for booting former Bachelorette Tayshia Adams Away from this season.

Evan and Brendan are both villains in heaven.

Ivan Hall and Brendan Morris have been cast as bad guys in this season of “Bachelor in Paradise” because of their actions.

The two rejecters from the Tashi season were given a second chance to find love by the producers, but things went south during the filming.

A few weeks ago, viewers spotted Brendan Court Natasha – even Piper came in and stole her, and revealed that they had been dating before.

Many people said. Piper and Brandon just went to the show to get the “effect” And there’s a free holiday to go as a couple.

And then on last night’s episode, the House got stuck in the middle of a lot of drama.

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He was in a love triangle with Aaron and Chelsea, and they both confronted him about some lies.

Then, the host Wales asked him to speak privately and be clear about something.

The House admitted that he had broken the show’s protocol and entered the contestant’s room after peeking his name on the staff document.

Revelation causes him to leave heaven.

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Fans say Tashiya made the right choice with Zack.

After seeing how both Ivan and Brendan behaved in the spin-off series, many fans of the franchise commented on how it was right to send Adams home when he was competing in his season.

They In the December 2020 final, he chose his fianc Zac Clark., Out of three.

One person wrote, “This season of Heaven with Ivan and Brandon further proves that Tashia made the right decision when choosing Zack.”

Another said, “I am very proud of my sister Tishya for not choosing Brendan or Ivan.”

One account tweeted, “Right out there, Shia is thanking her lucky stars who chose Zack over Evan and Brandon.”

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New alleged ‘bachelor’ Tashi Adams has proved that she is talking about a clean lifestyle in her recent IG post.

Bachelor’s Nation The bachelor’s turn is coming at a time when speculation is rife that Tashia Adams is the new lead.

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