Twitter reacted to reports that Mark Zuckerberg lost 7 7 billion by shutting down Facebook and Instagram.

Yesterday’s big social media outage made some people spend some scrolling time, but for the founder of Facebook, there was a big price to pay.

Photo by Mark Zuckerberg.
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Mark Zuckerberg allegedly lost مجمو 7 billion to his net worth through Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

News about Trader and philanthropist Losing that money sent Twitter Spare into a spiral.

Zuckerberg lost 7 billion during the outage.

Facebook was down for about 88 hours yesterday, and people were unable to log in to their accounts or scroll through their feeds for the entire time.

As a result, the social media platform’s stock fell about 55%.

Because Zuckerberg owns a large stake in the company, the stock crash meant he lost a large part of the conversion.

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The five percent reduction is about 7 77 billion., According to Bloomberg.

As a result, he is the fifth richest person in the world.

After losing a total of 7 7 billion, its current value is now 1 121.6 billion.

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Twitter didn’t have much sympathy for Mark.

When the news broke that Zuckerberg wasted so much money because the platform was offline, there was not much sympathy for him.

Many people were saying that man, Which has many mansions.There are billions left and they will recover.

One person said, “But it’s still worth 1 121 billion, so really, in terms of money we can only understand humans, it’s like having $ 100 in your pocket but losing 10 cents. Does not matter.”

Others agree that with 12 121 billion left, it’s not as if it’s close to poverty or need to worry about finances.

Someone explained that “he could lose 7 billion 17 times and there is still 2 billion left which is more than one person can use in his whole life.”

Some people expressed sarcastic sympathy for Zuckerberg, one person asked if he should start GoFundMe for it.

Another Twitter user reacted to the news by saying, “Poor kid. He might have to clip some coupons tonight.”

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Mark Zuckerberg in Hawaii.
Mark Zuckerberg is far from philanthropic after expelling the Hawaiians to build another mansion.

Many people considered Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to be humane, but his recent actions painted him in a different light.

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