Twitter says Bailey Elsh wore the VMA’s “grandmother’s clothes.”

Bailey Ilish surprised fans by returning to her signature baggy style at the 2021 VMA.

Cat Elish at the Grammy Awards.
By: Instagram.

Of Ocean Eyes The singer stunned everyone by attending the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City on Sunday night. Bailey Elish replaced her new style with her famous baggy look, and looked stunning in a oversized black sweater that she wore in midi with black socks and leather shoes.

The cat’s platinum blonde bob looked incredible as always, and the singer wore minimal make-up. The 19-year-old star was accompanied by her brother Phenias. Who played a dipper emerald velvet blazer for the event.

Although fans are not surprised to see the cat return in a relaxed manner, they wish she had chosen something more stylish for the occasion. Many Twitter users called her baggy clothes “Grandma’s clothes”, jokingly saying that the cat had “found her lost and found bin”.

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Cat clothes give fans ‘grandma’ vibes.

When Cat Elish was photographed for Vogue. In a barrage of beautiful corsets and stockings, fans thought it was a welcome surprise. The singer was finally showing a different side to her fashion choices and social media users were amazed at how old she was.

Without caring Bailey Elish. Showing off Don’s costume, fans just want him to keep presenting Living. But her choice of dress for this year’s Video Music Awards has not been questionable.

“I thought it was my grandmother Omag …” one fan wrote in a comment.

Another said, “Grandma’s clothes look honestly comfortable.”

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“She looks beautiful but fit …” one user criticized.

“Grandma is giving … why does the crazy cat look?” The other asked

“The cat is offering something … I mean … she’s going to walk on stage … and everyone will see her … in this dress … I’m shivering and crying and I’m throwing it everywhere. ” User

“I love the cat but her dress looks like she bought it for H&M or something.”

The cat’s “grandmother” costume has woken up fans with her look for the Met Gala. The theme for this year’s annual event is “In America: A Dictionary of Fashion.”

The singer and songwriter is one of the many young celebrities (Including Timothy Chalamite and Amanda Gorman.Co-chair of the event.

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15 rules Bailey Elish likes to break on her tour.

Elisha wears what she wants, she says what she wants, and there is no rule in her thoughts or opinions.

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