Twitter turned Steve Harvey’s latest outfit into a hilarious meme marathon

Steve Harvey has been the latest star online, and this is his fashion choice.

TV host and Lori Harvey’s father Posted a photo in a tight dress – and fans quickly gave her a meme treatment.

Steve has been posting something fashionable lately.

Harvey has always been a man of style and taste when it comes to his clothes.

Recently, he has been showing off some of his outfits on Instagram, to everyone’s delight.

People are loving Steve’s stylish tailoring, many of his latest forms are trending.

Everyone is talking about the 64-year-old’s outfit, and some have taken it to the next level with Photoshop.

Some fans are editing her outfits to make her look like other people or fictional characters, and the internet is eating her up.

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Harvey’s latest outfit quickly became a photoshop.

If Harvey, who is known for hosting Family Feud and. Announcing the wrong winners for beauty pageantsThought he could post his latest version without making a fuss, he was wrong.

Yesterday he shared. Picture her in black leather pants. And a bright blue jacket with shiny black shoes.

“Steve Harvey and his stylist are going crazy,” said one man.

Twitter users quickly took the photo and made it their own, editing Harvey to look like different people.

One photo showed him dressed as Captain America, complete with a shield and mask.

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Another portrayed him as the trunk of the cartoon Dragon Ball Z.

One guy who photographed her as Mario said, “Boy, the new Mario movie still looks great.”

Someone else turned Harvey into a sonic hedgehog with blue hair and all.

One man added long red hair and said, “He looks like a playboy carty.”

Another user put a Batman mask on him and joked that he was looking for the Joker.

Someone else posted a picture of her wearing a BTS dress that looked similar to Harvey’s dress and asked, “Who better to wear it?”

Harvey didn’t notice all the trolling, or at least he didn’t acknowledge it on Twitter.

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