Twitter wants Madonna’s daughter to shave after showing her armpit hair at Lord’s Matt Gala.

Madonna’s daughter. Lord’s Lyon. Twitter trolls are being attacked tomorrow morning when pictures of last night’s Matt Gala show that what some critics have decided online is a bit unpopular.

24-year-old model and Daughter of the highest paid music artist Jeremy Scott’s shiny two-piece fuchsia bra and skirt combo gown looked amazing.

But it was the bikini-style halter top of the outfit that upset people. Leon posing on the red carpet at his first Met Gala event, sticking out his tongue and raising his arms above his head, Leon He proudly showed his lower hair..

As expected, online trolls were quick to complain. “Despair draws attention,” wrote one commentator, referring to his mother’s 1985 film of the same name..

Another added, “The armpit hair is a deal breaker. Unfortunately, it’s aggregate.” And the comments kept coming.

“At the Met Gala, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes proudly showed off her armpit hair. How much is enough? She thought she had two Kardashian sisters.”

“At the Met Gala, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes proudly showed off her coffee, unbridled armpit hair. ‘Wow, that’s really sexy,’ no one said, ” someone else alleged.

And one troll was certainly not impressed with Leon’s razor. She tweeted, “Shave your armpits for all the women who are with me.”

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And one critic even worries that they will have to look at this “trend” more often when looking at red carpet pictures. “So I guess this armpit hair thing will be one thing now?” He wrote. “It only takes one so-called celebrity to start a movement.”

This is not the first time a Vogue cover girl has. Show her body hair.. In 2017, he sparked a controversy on the Internet over a young man’s shaving when the paparazzi photographed the then-20-year-old showing off his underarm hair during a holiday in Miami. She is often seen playing the same role on her Instagram, and for photo shoots, including the February 2021 Marc Jacobs campaign.

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For her mother, who is not. Stranger to dispute yourselfMadonna supports her daughter, who has seen the same look in the spotlight for decades.

“I saw how girls have to behave to get boys. I knew I couldn’t fit in. So I decided to do the opposite. I refused to wear make-up. Done, to style the hair, “said Madonna. Harper’s Bazaar. In 2011. “I refused to shave. I had curly hair.

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Madonna via Instagram
Fans reminded Madonna that she was “no more 20” because she posted playful pictures.

Madonna’s fans are reminding her that she is 62 years old.

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