Two episodes about parks and recreation that you probably didn’t know about were written by Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti wrote two episodes of Parks and Recreation. She wrote the script for an episode she guest starred in called “Live Ammunition” as well as another season 4 episode called “The Smallest Park”. In the last mentioned episode, in which Peretti is the sole writer, Leslie and Ben are working on the smallest park in Indiana.

Ben wants to finish the park so he can move on to another project because the park is too painful for him, as it reminds him of his former relationship with Leslie. She wants to put off her work in the park so she can still stay close to him. After Leslie proposes to a public forum about the opening of the park’s fake environmental problems, Ben quickly declines the offer, asking to be taken off the project because he can no longer work with Leslie. When the couple meet in a small park to discuss their problems, they share a kiss, signaling the return of their relationship.

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