Two-Headed Turtle Hatches In Massachusetts 

#TSRShadySpecies: As we keep you up to date with the latest news, we’ll know, we also have to keep up to date with the latest animal species out there. The latest in the headlines is the two-headed tortoise that recently emerged in Massachusetts.

According to CBS Boston., Cape Wildlife Center Recently shared a photo of the double-headed Diamondback Therapeutic Hutchling. The tortoise, which has a condition called twenty-two felles, came out of a nest in Barnstable. This condition has been described as similar to that of human twins who are mated at birth. This special tortoise was born with two heads and six legs.

The Cape Wildlife Center said: “These rare animals do not always live long or have a good quality of life, but they have both given us reason to be optimistic. They have been in our care for only two weeks. And stay bright and active. They’re eating every day, swimming and gaining weight. It’s impossible to get into their heads, but it seems like they’re working together to navigate their environment. Do

The Wildlife Center also noted that turtles have two locomotives that fuse under the body. As the days go by, they are hoping to learn more about this rare species.

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