Two Law & Order episodes featuring NCIS star Jennifer Esposito

The actress can be seen in the 3rd episode of the 7th season “Good Girl” and the 17th episode of the 7th season “In Vino Veritas”. In her first appearance, she played Gina Tucci. The presented case shows that “a white teenager accused of killing an African American claims she was a date rape victim, and racist overtones threaten to outweigh the factual merits of the case” (via IMDb). In her second appearance, she played Justine Bailey. The episode depicts “a washed up anti-Semitic actor arrested with blood on his clothes. Detectives later discover that a Jewish television producer he is involved with has been murdered” (via IMDb).

But that’s not all, Esposito also starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit several times. Part of the Law & Order brand, the series follows the life of the New York City Police Department’s SVU, an elite squad of detectives who investigate sex crimes, child abuse, and domestic violence. Her credits include Season 1, Episode 20, Season 20, Episode 15, Season 22, Episode 4, Season 22, Episode 11, and Season 22, Episode 16.

Maybe she’ll be in the next Law & Order: Organized Crime!

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