Tyga’s Ex-Girlfriend Explains Why She Went Public With Her Abuse Allegations Against Him

In the past few days, Taiga has experienced fireworks when his ex-girlfriend Cameron Swanson shared a history of domestic violence. Despite revealing graphic details, Cameron told Instagram followers that his intentions were never public with her.

In a long Instagram story post, The model explained That she was trying to correct a misrepresentation.

“Unfortunately,” someone “told TMZ a false story to make me someone who I am not, accusing me of things that didn’t happen and things that I didn’t do,” he wrote.

As previously covered, Cameron shared a short clip on Instagram showing a black eye injury. It is not clear when this happened. However, he felt “very embarrassed and ashamed” in the caption of the video. He ended the caption with a note about standing up for himself.

He also shared another post and tagged TMZ in a photo of his deeply injured black eye.

“TMZ_TV, I’ve been abused emotionally, mentally and physically, and I’m not hiding it anymore,” Cameron said in the title of her photo.

In response to the news, Taiga. Turned himself To the authorities. He made no social media reference to the allegations until Wednesday evening. “Flavor” was the rapper. Arrested and charged He was later released on 50,000 bond on serious domestic violence charges.

As far as Cameron is concerned, he made it clear in Wednesday’s update that his post involves taking matters into his own hands. He alleged that TMZ had released “fake news” with its reporting, which led to its own side of the story.

“Looking back, I’m proud to make a statement and stand up for myself,” Cameron wrote. “I’m happy to raise awareness of the women who may be going through it and hopefully encourage others to stand up for themselves.”

He continued on a separate post, thanking “everyone” for their warmth and gentleness.

“I have been greatly helped by the love and support I have received from many of you,” he wrote. “I see you guys and I thank you guys.”

The Taiga story is still evolving.

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