Tyler Hoechlin notes strange similarities between his Superman and Teen Wolf characters

Raising teenagers is never easy, but we have to imagine that raising teenagers with supernatural powers is even worse. No one can confirm this better than Tyler Hoechlin, who reprises his role as Superman on The CW series Superman & Lois. The first season of the series picks up after “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, where Lois (Bitsy Tulloch) and Clark are raising their sons Jonathan and Jordan in Smallville.

Notably, this experience of playing a super-strong father will likely come in handy for actor Tyler Hoechlin, who will next play the role of Derek Hale in the upcoming Teen Wolf movie. During a conversation with US magazine, Hoechlin touched on the overall experience of the characters. “Now I’m dealing with fake sons,” Hoechlin joked, confirming that Derek Hale would indeed return to Teen Wolf with his teenage son in tow. Potential differences in parenting styles didn’t escape the actor’s attention either.

Clark’s all-American appeal is in stark contrast to the story of Derek, who was the most brooding werewolf from Beacon Hills, California. He further explained, “It was interesting and fun to play the father as a different character – things that I’m allowed to do there that I’m not necessarily allowed to do with Clark because of who he is and who he really is. sort of at its core.” For Teen Wolf fans, this can only mean that Derek Hale will return to the screen with a completely different parenting style.

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