Tyra Banks tweeted for her abusive behavior in new ANTM MV

Tyra Banks went viral on Twitter after an old clip reappeared showing her being ruthless towards a member.

Tyra Banks tweeted for her abusive behavior in new ANTM MV

Today “Taira” has become one of the most popular topics on Twitter after the old clip from America’s Next Top Model revealed that the reality TV host was unusually cruel to his opponent. Many once again refer to Tyra as her violent behavior and criticism of modeling competitions as a “psychological thriller” and “Tyra Bank’s personal affair.” Squid games… ‘

In the video, Tyra Banks leaves the participant in tears.

A video from cycle 11 of the show, where Tyra Banks talks to the clearly emotional contestant Jocelyn Pennywell. Tyra praises her resilience and praises her excellent strength, telling the member that she survived.


“And Jocelyn, you can get over it,” Tyra tells the model as she reveals that she is eliminated. The clip ends with Pennywell crying.

In the original tweet, the clip was captioned “ANTM psychological thriller “. This video is gaining traction on Twitter, and many on social media are outraged by the way Tyra has treated the participants in her show, especially women of color.

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Tyra has been hit by critics and this is not the first time.

Many took the opportunity to point out that Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit cover model has a double standard when it comes to a model’s skin color. One user noted that Tyra told the black model that she was not for sale because of the gap in her teeth, but when a white model with the same feature appeared on the show, she called it cute.

“I will never forget Tyra Banks told Danielle that her gap was unclaimed and needed to be closed, but said Chelsea was cute and needed improvement,” the user wrote.

Many users say that on America’s Next Top ModelTyra Banks has been the villain this whole time, and in hindsight, she was not funny; it was toxic.

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Another Twitter user denounced a 48-year-old man for overdoing it: “Tyra Banks cut all your hair, told the nutritionist to call you fat, shave your teeth to Chiclets, and eliminate you before you graduated from high school. happens, all in one episode. “

This isn’t the first time people have shouted about Tyra’s behavior during a modeling contest. Or the second. In 2020, the model was trending for the same clip.… Tyra Banks even apologized saying the show “missed” when it came to “supporting” and “encouraging” the show participants.

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