UK Govt Extends Film And TV Production Restart Scheme By Six Months – Deadline

The UK’s 80 680 billion film and TV production resumption scheme has been extended for another six months, and 400 more productions have been supported.

The UK government’s insurance backstop, which pays up to 20% of the show’s budget if it delays Covid 19 and leaves 70%, was formed last summer and has since Extended three times.

The scheme has supported a wealth of big budget projects such as. Peak blinds. And Midsomer murder.

According to the UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, it has so far supported 835 productions, secured more than 70,000 jobs and 3. 3.2 billion in production costs.DCMS).

The six-month extension, which will cover claims until June 30, 2022 and will remain open for applications until April 30, 2022, will be the final extension.

To support the transfer of risk in the market, the entry fee for the scheme will increase from 1% of the show’s budget to 2.5% from November 1.

The DCMS added, “The fee increase will ensure that the current needs of the UK manufacturing industry are maintained while balancing the need to provide value for money to taxpayers.”

DCMS’s new Secretary Nadine Doris said: “Our great film and TV industry is creating jobs, investing and selling to the UK on big and small screens around the world.

“Together, the UK Global Screen Fund and the UK Film and TV Production Restart Scheme are creating new opportunities in this area and helping British talent and creativity reach, grow and reach an audience around the world.”

Meanwhile, the UK Global Screen Fund has won 18 more ڈالر 1.4 million awards for supporting independent films with projects such as Bernard McMahon. Becoming a lead zipper. And Terrence Davis Benediction. take the benefit.

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