Umbrella Academy fans come up with a shocking theory about Five’s body

On the Umbrella Academy subreddit, you/akirasekai published their theory about the inexplicable 13-year-old form of the Fifth. They said: “In the second season, Five forced his old self (but 14 days younger) to go through [the] portal so it doesn’t disappear [and] gave him the correct formula… doesn’t that mean that with [the] young[er] the body will disappear because he never came back with [the] wrong formula? original five [only had the body of a] A 13-year-old because he got the formula wrong, but this time the second Fifth is back in his old adult body.”

If this was hard to follow, here’s the breakdown. The fifth is just a kid in the Netflix series because he got the math wrong about time travel. If he had done it right, he would have returned to his family as an old man. In the second season, Five travels back in time shortly before he attempted to reunite with his family and gives his past self the correct time math. At the same time, his past self can travel through time without changing form. Despite correcting this for himself, Five remains a child, and Redditor’s question is: why?

The theory they seem to imply is that once Young Body Five sent Old Body Five away with the correct formula, it created a branching timeline in which Young Body Five is no longer involved. It also allows the show to ignore the continuity that Forbes seemed annoying, but not destructive to potential pleasure. As we said earlier, The Umbrella Academy never made any claims to meaning.

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