Una O’Brien of Cobra Kai reveals the most hilarious thing about her first day on set

Una O’Brien was new to acting when she joined the cast of Cobra Kai. However, that didn’t stop the young actress from diving into the thick of things on the first day of filming.

“My first day on the set of Cobra Kai was my first day on any set and I spent the whole day kicking all the guys in the balls,” O’Brien said. Netflix.

Indeed, when O’Brien’s character, Devon Lee, joins the Johnny’s Eagle Fang Dojo, he lets her break in, taking groin shots to her many male colleagues in a scene that can understandably be a little painful to watch. In any case, O’Brien is clearly up to the task, and her character seems to be ecstatic by the end of the scene. In addition, O’Brien’s colleagues were consistently impressed by her work on Cobra Kai. For example, Dallas Dupree Young, who plays Kenny Payne on the show, especially praised her prowess in martial arts. “I want to be Una when I grow up,” Young joked about O’Brien’s deft fighting moves.

Of course, O’Brien’s overall take on the role is much deeper. “I think it’s especially important for Devon to have an Asian representation on this show. Devon is a fierce competitor and she really defies that. [stereotypical] the perception of Asian girls as weak and submissive.”

With Season 6 of Cobra Kai, fans can no doubt look forward to at least one more season of O’Brien kicking ass and taking on the name Devon Lee.

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