Uncle Raises Orphaned Child After Parents Committed Suicide

The six-week-old child, orphaned after both of his deputy sheriff’s parents committed suicide, is now under the care of a relative …

This happened after the tragic news that his parents committed suicide with a difference of only a few days.

This is a truly heartbreaking situation.

Fortunately, their family came together during this incredibly difficult time.

The deaths of Florida Deputy Sheriffs Clayton Austin and Victoria Pacheco were reported by St. Lucy County Sheriff Ken Mascara.

In accordance with Daily mailMascara said the sheriff’s office received a call about a suicide attempt on New Year’s Eve.

After attending the call, investigators discovered that their colleague Austin was trying to commit suicide.

Authorities arrived at the call, and Austin, a retired retired US Marine, survived and was rushed to hospital and hooked up to life support.

Unfortunately, however, just 2 days later, his family made the difficult decision to disconnect him from life support.

Then, tragically, just a day later, Pacheco committed suicide.

Pacheco was not only Austin’s colleague, but also his partner, with whom he had a month-old son.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Mascara described the couple as “young,” “ambitious,” and “humane.”

“While we may not fully understand the personal circumstances that led to this devastating loss, we pray that this tragedy will act as a catalyst for change, a catalyst that will help reduce the stigma surrounding mental well-being, and normalize the conversation that many of us face. with this regularly, “he wrote.

After a devastating double suicide, Pacheco’s grandmother, Bernice Bartolini, wrote on Facebook …

“My heart is so sad, I thought I was in pain before I lost my beautiful granddaughter.”

“The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Now they are together forever …

“This loss is so painful … Victoria and I were very close when I lived in Florida, she was next to me. I wish I was by her side. My insides are torn apart, my heart hurts so much. “

It was reported that back in 2020 Austin stopped a man from committing suicide, as did Pacheco just a year later …

A GoFundMe has since been created to help their son Jace. It states: “Unfortunately, for completely unknown and completely uncharacteristic reasons, Clayton committed suicide on December 31, 2021.

“After recovering from the shock of the loss, Victoria committed suicide two days later.”

He continued, “Clayton and Victoria were full of joy, new parents excited about their growing family, fascinated by their baby Jace and so in love with each other.”

It was a huge shock for everyone who knew and loved them …

via GoFundMe

Especially Austin’s brother, who is also a deputy in Saint Lucy Sheriff’s Office.

Regardless, he vowed to do something disinterested …

He shared that he would take responsibility for raising his nephew …

With everyone in the St. Lucy Sheriff’s office rallied around to help raise funds and necessities for him and Jace.

Our hearts are turned to their family at this time.

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