Unconventional way Shakira and Gerard Pack raise their children.

2010 was a great year. Gerard Pack., And that’s a small thing. Not only did he take Spain to the World Cup in South Africa, but he will also fulfill the love of his life at the same time.

Notorious, ‘Waka Waka.‘This year the theme song, and. شکیرا۔ Participated in the final game. According to Peck, there was immediate contact between the two.

“I won the biggest title I could get and fulfill the love of my life. I left South Africa as a different person and had an unforgettable experience.

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The two live together today, happier than ever. However, they are not married The relationship is stronger than ever In terms of their family life, fans are always amazed at how the two continue their crazy schedule, which demands so much travel.

As we will reveal in the article, some of their views on parenting are not really normal but hey, it seems to be working well for both of them.

From home music to a schedule for treating their children equally, let’s take a look at their perspectives on parenting.

There is no Shakira music at home.

It’s all about keeping the house as normal as possible. The couple does not want to drown their children in fame. Therefore, Shakira avoids playing her music. Around children.

“I try to avoid playing my music in my home, in my environment. As his father, but we try to live like very simple people,” he said.

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So what does she play instead? Turns out, There is a wide range of music.From old school voices to modern music, “We hear something for Frank Sanatra, Billy Holiday, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Carlos Views, Old School Salsa – for every mood. Milan loves to sing.” I think kids are naturally attracted to these types of locks. ”

Children have more than one genre and, in addition, they have learned both English and Spanish, so it is fair to say that they are bilingual.

There is no set schedule.

This should come as no surprise, but unlike other parents, the couple does not really have a schedule. Pique has a demand schedule on the road and in training, while Shakira’s lifestyle is the same.

Both have admitted that their time patterns are not traditional. And the family plays a big role in helping.

“We’ve never been a traditional couple,” the Hips Don’t Lie singer once told Wave magazine. “We don’t have a written agreement to share tasks or anything like that, but we’re both very involved with the parents and try to resolve it on our own. We support each other and we We also get a lot of help. Family We don’t know any different way to do it!

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Shakira took along. the people., Parenting can be very difficult. And really, it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done.

“I’ve been through really difficult stages performing in front of really hard audiences and I’ve been meeting world leaders who sometimes scare you a little bit, but nothing has made me so selfish as a mother. ۔ ”

One of the keys to this approach is to keep things as real as possible with your children.

Talking about equality with children.

It is important to show love to children and, moreover, their vision is to treat them equally.

“In Spain, parents talk to their children equally and I think children respond.”

“In all three cultures, parents pay attention to their children,” she notes. “His father [Gerard Piqué] And I grew up in very close families and it made us parents with an open heart.

Shakira called her pack a modern-day father who does a lot of work with children.

Despite their different ways and ideas, it is clear that the couple has control over things and is happy to see their children give their children a normal environment in view of a life of fame outside of family life. How much do you try for?

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