Unexpected Support for Belarusian Big Bang Theory Copycat The Theorists

The Belarusian plagiarism of The Big Bang Theory called The Theorists was an exact remake of the original with very few changes. Chuck Lorre, creator of The Big Bang Theory, voiced his criticism of the vanity production shown at the end of Season 3 Episode 15 (via Entertainment Weekly). Lorre detailed the poor production quality of The Theorists and stated that “each episode is a Russian translation of an episode of The Big Bang Theory”. He went on to say that there was nothing the Warner Brothers legal department could do about the illegal adaptation, as the production company responsible for The Theorists was “owned and operated by the government of Belarus.” Finally, Lorre expressed hope that the conceited card would at least reach the creators of “Theorists” in Belarus.

The Russian-language adaptation of The Big Bang Theory did not last long on the air. Allegedly, even the cast was misled as to the legitimacy of the production. One of the actors, Dmitry Tankovich, expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that he unwittingly copied the American sitcom, telling in Russian Charter97 in 2010: “I consider this to be the most disastrous period in my creative career. And I don’t want to continue to be involved in a pirate project.” [Editor’s Note: Translated from Russian]. The “theorists” were quickly scrapped.

For those who want to know for themselves how the Big Bang Theory storyline would unfold in a parallel universe, season 1, episode 1 of The Theorists. available on YouTube with full English subtitles. This is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, as the Belarusian government has no reason to claim copyright on a YouTube channel aptly named “terrible TV shows.”

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