Unexpected work on “The Immortals” was a warm-up for the career of Henry Cavill

In The Immortals, Henry Cavill plays a man named Theseus, chosen by the gods to stop King Hyperion from obtaining a weapon capable of destroying all of humanity. The film is shot in the same style as 300, and the production also used quite a bit of green screen work. When Cavill was smashing his most iconic characters with GQhe talked about his work on The Immortals and how it affected his career in general: “It was definitely a great introduction because later in my career I was working in rooms with a blank green screen and it was a bit confusing . When it came to Immortals, it was a good warm-up for the rest.”

His time on Immortals has served him well. Since fighting for the Greek Gods, Cavill has been part of several highly successful projects that required the same skill set as the 2011 fantasy action movie. According to Checkout MojoMan of Steel is the highest-grossing solo Superman film of all time. The Witcher was reported to be the most requested TV series in the world across all platforms at the end of 2019 (via Parrot Analytics). insider also noted that this show is one of the most watched original programs ever produced by Netflix. While it may not be considered one of his greatest accomplishments on his resume, The Immortals had a significant impact on Cavill’s rise to fame as a building block that greatly aided him in his ability to entertain audiences with memorable performances.

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