Upon arrival in New York, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were welcomed.

The actions of the Duke and Duchess are confusing fans of the royal family.

Prince Harry. And Meghan Markle His popularity has grown since he left the royal family for the United States. The Duke and Duchess are most welcome in their new home, however. Support for his new book And barely an opera interview has left thousands of fans feeling divided.

The couple recently announced that they would be making their first trip to New York City together, and were excited to find the big Apple in “Romantic Fall”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in the city on September 23 before their appearance at the scheduled Global Citizen Live event over the weekend.

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Fans of the royal family don’t care.

Meghan and Harry were photographed at the One World Observatory as they looked at the Skyline and paid their respects at the 9/11 memorial.

This is the couple’s first public visit since moving to California. Meghan and Harry were not with them. 2-year-old son Archie and daughter Llebit. Traveling, and reportedly staying at home in Montecito, California.

Fans of the British royal family are puzzled as to why Prince Harry and Meghan are sharing details of their work in the United States with the press and tabloids.

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The couple has often campaigned for complete privacy, and their goals have been questioned by some social media users.

“Can they stay away from New York? We hate chasing Dutch bags here,” said one frustrated user.

“EX * Duchess of Sussex,” wrote an Instagram user. Although Merkel no longer uses the title “HRH”, she is still portrayed as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

“Enough is enough. They are not Duchess … and go ahead they are boring !!!!!!” Another said.

“Why aren’t they wearing masks?” Asked the other. Page six. Reported it The couple were actually wearing masks. And took them to pose for photographers.

“Are they still Dukes and Duchess?” One user asked

Some of Meghan and Harry’s fans were thrilled to see the photos, and liked Markle’s “chic” outfit. However, they are confused about why Meghan Kot was tied up because it was “75 degrees in NYC”.

“Great. But I’m sure Meghan was hot with it. It’s like 75 degrees in NYC,” wrote one fan.

One comment read, “OMG is 77 in New York right now.”

Prince Harry has not visited New York since 2013, and Meghan last visited the city in 2019 for her luxurious baby shower.

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Madonna offers her New York apartment to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Madonna is offering to give the couple and the young Archie her precious pad.

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