Usher and Mariah Carey are celebrating 25 years of these classic albums!

Friday has become a special day for R&B music as both Asher as well as Mariah Carey celebrated the 25th anniversary of two special albums. Usher celebrated the anniversary of the release of his second studio album.”My way“, and Mariah celebrated the anniversary of the release of her sixth studio album”Butterfly“.

Both legendary artists have released special releases celebrating these special milestones.

For Usher, she not only recreated him “My way”, album cover 25 years later, but he also released a 25th anniversary edition of the album, which includes three re-imagined tracks made with Ryan James Carr, an anniversary vinyl pack and a mini-documentary commemorating the project.

In conversation with DifficultAsher shared what comes to his mind when he hears the words “my way” and said:

“Legacy is the time and opportunity to live so many years and celebrate it… I am very glad that at that time I decided to be as brave. [and] don’t give up on your dreams. [It was] of course, this is my first time working with Jermaine Dupree. Working with him was something that was always on my mind. But the fact that we clicked the way we did that comes to mind, maybe it was organic, maybe it was preordained. As well as [it’s] it’s great that it happened because not only do we still have an amazing relationship, but now we’re going to take the chance to do it again and reimagine it with some new musical ideas. But it’s a holiday, man; it’s really a celebration and I hope people from the past get a chance to remember and also people who hear this for the first time get a chance to know my story and the story that Jermaine Dupree and I have. And everyone, by the way, who participated in the album. It’s not just Jermaine. It was the Face. They were the authors of this album, right? It was Teddy Riley. I’m just happy to look back on it and just really excited.”

Mariah Carey also had a special in honor of “Butterfly“.

She took to social media to announce, in honor of the album’s milestone, that she has released new remixes, live performances, a cappella and a new version of her song “The Roof” featuring Brandi.

Mariah spoke to rolling stone for the anniversary of the album and she was contemplating the end of her marriage to Tommy Mottola, which served as inspiration for the 1997 masterpiece. She said,

Finding the strength to break away from this was not easy. So I put it all into the music.”

Roommates, what are your favorite songs from “My way,” as well as “Butterfly?

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