Utopia Boards Jim Marshall Doc ‘Show Me The Picture’ – Deadline

Special: Robert Schwartzman’s Los Angeles-based sales and distribution clothing. Utopia Closed deals on a couple of documentaries.

The company has acquired rights in North America. Show me the picture: The story of Jim Marshall., A feature doctor celebrating the life of a famous rock and roll photographer. The film is told through more than 850 popular photos and interviews, in which Marshall liked The Beatles, Jimmy Hendricks, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones during his career.

Utopia is releasing the film throughout October and on Apple TV and Altwood in select cinemas across the country. The film was directed by Alfred George Bailey and produced by Tatiana Kennedy.

The company has also taken over US rights. Red heaven, A feature that follows six young volunteers as they prepare for a one-year NASA experiment designed to mimic the physical and psychological conditions of a mission to Mars.

The photo is from Sanker Box Films Productions, a joint venture with Seek and Insania Films. It was co-directed and produced by Lauren de Filippo and Catherine Goring. Utopia will launch the film on October 19 on AppleTV and Altavod.

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