Vanessa Villela from Sunset married Nicholas Hardy: details

They make! Sale Sunset star Vanessa Villela as well as Nicholas Hardy tied the knot after more than one year of dating.

On Saturday, September 3, Villela and Hardy, 44, wed in a small ceremony in San Diego, surrounded by 69 of the couple’s closest friends and family.

“We started our love story at the Fairmont Mayakoba,” the couple said. Bride Magazine about planning their wedding. “What started as a 10 day trip turned into a seven week romance! I have very strong family roots in San Diego and Fairmont was one of my late sister Jackie’s favorite places. It seemed like the perfect place for a family reunion.”

Villela added: “We wanted the event to be intimate, but at the same time grandiose, and to create something that would amaze people. Like our love, this event was meant to reflect their fabulous love story.”

Before the wedding, the Netflix personality gave a glimpse of the couple’s big day.

“[It is in] the most beautiful place in San Diego, and we have the most sensational team creating our dreams of this fabulous love story that Nick and I have, ”the TV presenter exclusively told. Us in August. “We have people coming from all over the world like Nick’s family who I can’t wait to meet in person, even though we FaceTime all the time, it will be so wonderful to finally give them a big hug. I also have my family, his friends and my friends.”

In January, the reality TV star revealed that Hardy, who also Tom Froud asked this question less than a year after their romance.

“Two souls, one heart! I SAID YESSSSSS 💍❤️❤️❤️❤️,” Villela wrote on Instagram at the time. “A year ago I met the man of my dreams, from whom my heart skips a beat every time, a man who makes me better in every way, a man whom I respect, adore, admire and love with all my heart.”

The realtor added: “I always dreamed that I would find someone who would love like me and I could give my heart completely, thank you for coming into my life my love! I can’t believe I made you the man I’ve always dreamed of and more, I can’t believe I’m living this life, sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming and I have to pinch myself to figure out what it is in a dream, but in real life.

Last month, the Mexican native who joined Sale Sunset revealed in season 4 that she prepared her own surprise proposal for the creative director before they walked down the aisle together.

“Since he proposed to me, I thought I wish he had that moment and a ring that would represent my love for him,” she said. Us about a special moment. “I think women should be able to express their love in the same way and give the man they love the same magic and have them experience the moment just like we do.”

Villela also shared that her proposal went “perfectly as planned” and was “like in a movie”, noting that her beau was “in shock and so happy” and felt like “the prince” that he is.

“He was so emotional, especially when I took out the ring and put it on his finger. I will never forget this moment! This is an experience we should all have! We should all express our love and be more loving,” she said. Us.

The former soap opera star also shared details about the “unique” ring she bought for Hardy, which she found to be both “masculine” and “thin” yet shiny enough to match the stars.

“I know this ring is magical, I felt it from the moment I picked it up,” she said. Us. “Their gems are precious and rare. They are mined in the Holy Land. Rough gemstones undergo a high-quality polishing process to bring out their natural beauty and are adorned with gold and diamond jewelry. It’s just amazing.”

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