Vegas character based on your zodiac sign

If you were born between January 19 and February 18, you were born under the sign Aquarius. An air sign ruled by the ruling body Uranus, Aquarius is often considered the most intelligent of the zodiac signs. Esoteric, intelligent and rational, Aquarius is free-spirited and often beats his own drum. They are not alone, but they like to be different.

Another returning character from the original CSI, Gil Grissom is the perfect Aquarius shape. An etymologist who revels in trips to corpse farms, creepy crawlies, and odd facts, Grissom is undoubtedly a highly intelligent investigator, able to analyze and draw accurate conclusions from even the smallest piece of evidence. He has a weird sense of humor, but is one of the funniest investigators on the team, always around if anyone needs a quick dead body pun or an offbeat observation. Despite being a bit of a weirdo, Grissom is a loyal friend who returned to Las Vegas after hearing about his old friend Jim Brass being attacked. He is the most rational investigator on the team, believing, above all, that in order to solve a crime, you just need to “follow the evidence.” Despite his eccentricity, Grissom is a team player and loving husband to his wife, Sarah Sidle.

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