Vegas star Matt Lauria gears up to play Josh Folsom

During recent interview with Geek Girl Authority, Matt Lauria has revealed the details of his preparation for the role of Josh Folsom in CSI: Vegas. For him, the first thing he starts with is a guide for real crime scene investigators. “Majority [the prep] these are CSI Handbooks, older version and newer version. I usually spent time with forensics and traveled with them, but with COVID this was not possible, ”Lauria explained. However, he also went on to say that his usual process always includes an emphasis on core qualities. and the beliefs of the character they play. “Everyone has a different process, and for me it’s about reinforcing and learning the core values,” he said.

In this, according to Lauria, he can understand Folsom, because every person in real life always looks at what is happening to him through the prism of his own experience. “In life, it is not only what is objectively happening in front of us that is important. Every interaction we have, everything we observe and everything we experience is filtered through the context of what made us who we are,” Lauria said.

Now, with the completion of the first season, Lauria explained that he will return and analyze how Folsom ended up on screen and build his story from there. It’s certainly a deep procedure, and Lauria’s concern for her craft is evident, which makes the approach of Season 2 all the more exciting.

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