Verve Elevates Five Agents To Leadership Roles Across Several Teams –

special: Verve This week marks several key promotions in the motion picture and television literary teams, including the addition of partners Felicia Prince and Chris Noriega to co-heads overseeing the television literary team, Parker Davis and Liz Parker of Motion Picture. will assume the post of co-chairman. literary team, and Tyler Reynolds has been promoted to head the television director team. Reynolds would report to Prince and Noriega. In these newly created positions, Prince, Noriega, Davis, Parker, and Reynolds will be responsible for the day-to-day management of their respective teams while working in partnership to facilitate decision-making, communication and strategic support. .

“Like Verve We believe that empowering our valued associates is the best way to maintain our unique work culture while providing the best creative representation in the business,” the partnership said. “To Felicia, Chris, Parker, Liz, and Tyler He is highly respected by his colleagues, industry peers, and clients. Our entire community will benefit as they continue to help drive our business forward every day.”

Prince joined the agency in 2013 to support and help build the agency’s growing television literary business, successfully growing the team, turning multiple clients into profitable overalls, and engaging exhibitors and Established a list of creators. He was recognized as a Hollywood Reporter Next Gen honoree in 2017 and was promoted to partner in 2020. Prince stars with Stephanie Folsom, Alison Schroeder, April Blair, Milo Ventimiglia and David Pictures, Sarah Watson, Micah Schraft, Ben Quinn, Katie Veitch. Harrison, Olatunde Osinanmi, Adele Lim, Johnny Norris and Erica Mitman.

Noriega, who worked in finance before turning to entertainment, joined. Verve in 2011 and was promoted to Agent in the TV Lit team in 2014. In 2017, Noriega was promoted to partner last year, the first assistant to make the jump to partner at the agency. Noriega stars alongside Academy Award-winning director Peter Ramsey, Shivone Takeuchi, Shona McGarry, Zeb Wells, Shannon Tyndall, Tom Bernardo, Dan Bola, Sonu Patel and Michael Jonathan Smith.

Davis was the fifth employee when he joined the agency in 2011 and was promoted to agent in the motion picture literary team in 2012. Davis has had more client scripts added to The Blacklist than any other agent in the past 5 years. Davis stars alongside Emily Carmichael, James Morosini, Richard Wong, Sarah Streicher, Evan Dougherty, Arkasha Stevenson and Sarah Rothschild.

Parker, who joined the agency in 2018, moved from New York to LA to start. VerveK’s publishing division has since expanded the team and expanded the group to include media rights and audio, with the group set to release 25 books this year. Parker has also been at the forefront of talent discovery and transition on Reddit’s /NoSleep page and has published two of his novels. Parker stars with Sarah Edmondson, Academy Award-winning actor Troy Kotser, Krista Bilton, The Querrey Brothers., Suzanne Randall, Gabby Dunn and Mickey Beatty.

Reynolds joined. Verve In 2021 as part of VerveAcquiring the New Deal Mfg. Co., where he had been for seven years, working with founder Paul Allen Smith, he built one of the most successful television director businesses in the city, a business he continued to grow during his tenure. Continue to serve and grow. On Verve. Reynolds stars alongside Arden Opulio, Alan Coulter, Tawfiq Abu Wale, Odd Ruskin, Adam Arkin, Milena Govitch, Leslie Leibman, Shaylan Choksi, Raza Tabrizi, Carl Weathers, John Cassavetes Award winner Jim McKay and Jared Christopher.

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