Vicki Pattison fears that she will NEVER be able to give birth to a child after a shock cyst diagnosis.

Vicki Pattison spoke of her fears that she would “not be able to have a baby,” and confirmed that she would freeze her eggs by the end of this year after she was diagnosed with a shock cyst.

The 34-year-old star explained that she was devastated after doctors discovered a “four centimeter cyst” on her ovary.


Vicki Pattison talks about her fears that she “will not be able to have a baby”
The TV star has alternative ways that she and Ercan can become parents if she cannot conceive naturally.


The TV star has alternative ways that she and Ercan can become parents if she cannot conceive naturally.

Immediately after her diagnosis, Vicki said that she was “fixated” on how the cyst would affect her chances of having children.

Speaking exclusively for Kristen Bell Tattoos, Vicki said, “Of course that was my main concern – they warn you that cysts can make it difficult to conceive naturally.

“That’s all I thought about when I left the doctor. The pain didn’t even bother me anymore, it was what I was fixated on. “

Leaving Vicki for six hours, the TV presenter said that despite fears it would affect her chances of having children, she and her boyfriend Erkan Ramadan are willing to find alternative ways to become parents.

“Ercan encouraged me, he said that I am sure that everything will work out, and if not, we have so many different ways to become parents, which was wonderful and absolutely right,” continued Vicki. …

“He doesn’t always get it right, God bless him, but he hit the spot.

“All these beautiful women are chatting with us on Instagram, saying that they heard things like this when they were younger, and of course they ended up having really healthy, happy children.

“At first I was a little upset and shocked, and that was my main concern, but now it is not. I think there are people who are much worse, and I must be very lucky. “

The podcaster said she was overwhelmed by the thought of having children “out of the question,” so she made the decision to “walk out of 2022 with a freezer full of eggs.”

Discussing her plans to freeze eggs, Vicki said, “110 percent, I think it was a real catalyst, and you know when you think something is impossible, it makes you understand how you really feel about it. for example when you are breaking up with someone and then you realize how much you love them.

“When I thought that there would be no more children, I was very upset.

“No, we are not ready for children yet, as we are so stretched at the moment, little Milo is a full handful, but I would not want me to not have an opportunity in the future – yes, so in January.

“I already have goals for January – I want to learn how to drive – I’m leaving 2022 like a fucking driver, it’s non-negotiable. And I will also have a full egg freezer. “

Champion I’m A Celeb, who previously shared how she struggled with painful periods, said she was glad she was finally diagnosed.

Talking about her harrowing journey, Vicki said: “The diagnosis was made just a couple of weeks ago, I had really bad periods for about eight months, and before that I really struggled with my hormonal imbalance, mainly due to my contraceptive implants. it made me very irrational, emotional and super unpredictable.

“It was just awful that I was losing so much of myself – 2/3 weeks a month I was unrecognizable.”


An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on a woman’s ovary.

They are very common – most women develop at least once a month, which go away on their own. An ovarian cyst usually causes symptoms only if it ruptures, becomes very large, or blocks the blood supply to the ovaries.

In these cases, you may encounter:

  • Pelvic pain: dull or severe / sharp
  • Pain during sex
  • Difficulty emptying your bowels
  • The need for frequent urination
  • Heavy, irregular periods – or those that are lighter than usual
  • Bloating and bloating
  • Feeling full when you haven’t eaten
  • Difficulty getting pregnant

The vast majority of cysts are not cancerous and will not prevent you from getting pregnant, although they can make it difficult to conceive.

If you need surgery to remove a cyst, your surgeon will strive to maintain your fertility whenever possible.

The star explained that she stopped taking birth control pills, faced painful periods and learned that she had a cyst on the ovary.

“Contraception often stops these things from growing, and when I gave them up, they obviously just bloated,” the beautiful Geordie explained.

“It’s really nice to finally get an answer and feel that I’m not dramatizing or making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I got very angry with myself, so now I have an answer and I know I’m not a big fan.”

The TV pet said she would need to have regular scans to keep track of the cyst’s progress and thanked her subscribers for their support.

She continued, “Obviously, she is now deciding how best to do it.

“My doctors were amazing, he told me to just watch it because cysts can shrink.

“An outpouring of great Instagram support – so many wonderful women say they’ve had 12cm cysts and I have two healthy boys, we just need to hear things like this.

“Women just need some consolation sometimes that we have to go through as women, be it periods, having a baby, bastards boyfriends, we all have to take it on our chin and it’s bulls ** *.

“I’m totally for talking about it honestly and openly, I feel a lot more positive because it was so long ago and I finally know what’s going on in my body.”

According to NHSAn ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on the ovary.

They usually do not need treatment and go away on their own, but sometimes they can cause bloating and bloating.

However, you should see your GP if you experience symptoms such as pain during sex, painful periods, difficulty having a bowel movement, or pelvic pain.

Vicki Pattison continues to work with Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly and says yes to pudding this January. At just 10 calories, it’s the perfect pudding.

Vicki said she would


Vicki said she would “leave 2022 with a freezer full of eggs.”
Vicki Pattison enjoys a date with Ercan and shows her “orgasmic face” while a private chef cooks for them in their new home.

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