Vicki Pattison is considering letting the cameras come back into her life one last time for an intimate wedding show.

Vicki Pattison is considering bringing cameras back into her life one last time after vowing to quit reality TV for good.

The presenter and TV presenter told Kristen Bell Tattoos that she would be ready to film a special event for her upcoming wedding, even as she set her sights on her dream of becoming a strong documentary filmmaker.



Vicki Pattison and Pete Wicks have teamed up with Just Eat to spearhead their winter food call.Credit: Will Ireland/PinPep

Vicky, 35, got engaged to boyfriend Ercan Ramadan in February this year after he asked a question while on a romantic getaway in Dubai.

Speaking to Kristen Bell Tattoos, Vicki Pattison, who teamed up with Just Eat to launch the Just Eat Winter Meal Appeal campaign, explained: “I’m trying to break away from reality TV and make more documentaries. This is where I want to see my future. go.

“Don’t get me wrong, reality shows are my heart. I wouldn’t mind making a wedding documentary or something, but I really want to be in the space to make powerful documentaries.

“Maybe the ones that affect women, like safety, hormones or birth control. More broadly, the cost of living crisis is pushing people more and more into food poverty, and there are things we can do.”

Earlier this week, fans spotted Vicky and Pete Wicks leading the Just Eats Giving Grotto at Waterloo Station in central London.


Dressed in bright orange elf outfits, the duo collected donations from passers-by in exchange for a free Just Eat Meal.

The campaign comes as new data shows that just over half (55%) of kind-hearted Britons will donate more than ever to those in need this winter.


Just Eat Winter Meal Appeal, which promises to distribute a quarter of a million hot meals to homeless, vulnerable and lonely people this winter through its charitable partners, Social Bite and FoodCycle.

Vicki continued, “For years, I desperately wanted to do documentaries. I would like to be recognized more in this field as an investigative journalist or a person who directs documentaries. I’m not going to lie, negotiations are underway at the moment. I would like to spend next year doing this.

“I am very grateful for the life I have so I take the fact that I have a plot form very seriously and I am asked to help with something like this. [Just Eat] it’s an honor. I’m not the only one either. We Brits are generally very generous and whether you have a lot of money or not, we are just good company.

“I think that no matter if I became a school teacher, or a nurse, or anyone else, I would always like to help. I am a real bloodthirsty and sensitive person. a little, I feel like you should – especially in these times. The Just Eat campaign is perfect for this. It goes all over the country.”

Despite widespread praise for her documentary Alcohol, Dad and Me, Vicki admits she still struggles to be taken seriously after her 2011 big hit on Geordie Shore.

He added: “I’m not going to sit here and act like a ‘poor little TV presenter’, that would be ridiculous. I’ve had a great career and been able to do some amazing things, but I’ve spent the last ten years. trying to win back the respect of some people who think that just because I’m on a reality show, I’m kind of unintelligent or incapable of just acting on a reality show.

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“It’s complicated. There is a label attached to this. Right now I’m putting some distance between reality shows as I’ll never be recognized in another space if I keep doing the same. And it’s really difficult because some of these shows are so much fun and I want to do them, but I have to be committed to what I want in the end.

“And also take yourself more seriously, like with this treatment. I have power the way people see me. It just takes a while, but I’m finally getting there.”

Vicki Pattison is striving to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful documentary filmmaker.


Vicki Pattison is striving to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful documentary filmmaker.1 credit
Vicki says she has had to overcome stigma in order to make her own TV documentaries.


Vicki says she has had to overcome stigma in order to make her own TV documentaries.Credit: Will Ireland/PinPep

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