Vicky Pattison stuns in a vibrant bikini as she basks in the Capri sun.

VICKI Pattison looks fruity as she soaks up the Capri sun.

The 2015 I’m a Celeb winner was held in a more luxurious setting on the Italian island, showcasing her range of Pour Moi Ltd swimwear.


Vicky Pattison stunning in a bikini as she soaks up the Capri sun
Vicky flew to an Italian island with Towie star's ex-boyfriend Erkan Ramadan.


Vicky flew to an Italian island with Towie star’s ex-boyfriend Erkan Ramadan.

Vicky, 34, who flew in with Towie’s ex-boyfriend Erkan Ramadan, posed in the Capri Palace Hotel’s pool for £700 a night.

She wrote online: “I dreamed of staying at this hotel for 10 years and I can honestly say that the wait was worth it.”

We don’t think she’ll yell “Get me out of here!”

Earlier this week, Vicki opened up about her struggle with alcohol in an emotional post on the social media platform.

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Former star Geordie Shore worked with Channel 4 on a documentary about alcohol abuse.

Vicki posted a selfie to her Instagram feed, writing a long and heartfelt caption about the upcoming release.

She began, “It’s not often that I am at a loss for words.

“But after watching the first version of my new documentary on Channel 4 today… Honestly, I am.”

The star spoke about her father’s struggle with alcohol abuse: “My father’s illness and my own difficult relationship with alcohol has had a profound effect on who I am as a person.

“At times when I was not in the best place – when I was abusing alcohol and, depending on this, I did not sleep at night, wondering if this was just the beginning of this slippery slope.

“And in my darkest moments, I sincerely believed that it was just a forgotten conclusion — that no matter how hard I tried to be something different, something bigger or something better…”


The heartbreaking post continued: “I was always going to become an alcoholic like my father, hurting the people I loved and unable to break the toxic cycle.

“And that’s why for years I pushed people away or made fleeting friendships – because I was so afraid of getting close to people that in the end I thought I would just let them down and hurt them with my inevitable behavior 🥺”

Vicki continued, “I’m so nervous about sharing something so raw and so vulnerable with all of you, but after seeing today’s brief, I’m so glad I took this step…

“I want everyone to understand more about what it means to be the child of an alcoholic, I want everyone to understand more about addiction and learn more than just a negative story that we are spoon-fed.

“This is a disease – and people suffering from it need our understanding, our kindness, but also our strength – I spent too much time helping the person I love, and now I know that I was really protecting only myself.” “.

The star posted this selfie on her Instagram.


The star posted this selfie on her Instagram.

The star added: “More than anything, I want everyone who is struggling to know that they are not alone and that they don’t need to be defined by their mistakes, their parents’ decisions, or their past…

“Mistakes, moments of weakness, stumbling… these are lessons, not life sentences – so remember that and don’t be too hard on yourself or those you love… And move forward with compassion, understanding and hope. that tomorrow will be a better day.. 💙”

She concluded, “I hope this documentary helps everyone who is struggling and I really can’t wait for you all to see it.

“Vicky Pattison: alcohol, my dad and me… Coming this summer to @channel4 🤍”

Vicki’s friends, family and followers rushed to the comments section to support her.

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Dreamboys star Rogan O’Connor wrote: “Love you Vic! Also, Silent suits you so well 😂❤️x.”

Pete Wicks of Towie commented, “❤️❤️❤️”

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