Victoria Fuller, Johnny, get engaged

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She said yes! Victoria Fuller received Johnny DeFillipoproposal during the season 8 finale Bachelor in Paradiseand the duo left the beach engaged.

“You completely changed my world and I don’t want to go a day without you. … You really became my best friend overnight,” said 29-year-old Victoria through tears. “I’m completely crazy about you.


Johnny, 26, also got emotional before asking the question.

“I have never felt confident in myself, I have never felt so safe. … But God decided to bless me with something as special as you. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but it seems to me that this is fate, ”he began. “I have never treated anyone like that. … Whatever happens in this life, I will always be by your side. I will never leave you, never. … I think that next to every king there is a powerful queen, and you are my queen, Victoria. With that said, Victoria Fuller, will you make me the happiest person and marry me?”

Bachelor Nation fans met the Virginia Beach native during Peter Weberseason Bachelor in 2020, and she was briefly involved with the main character in season 19. Chris Soules later that year. The ABC character returned to the franchise in the second episode of the eighth season of BiP.

“No one is more surprised that I’m here again than myself,” she teased, coming to the beach. “But here I am.

Bachelor in Paradise Victoria Fuller and Johnny DeFillipo get engaged during the season 8 finale of 549
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Before contacting Johnny, who first appeared on Gabby Windy as well as Rachel Recchiajoint hen-party season, Victoria expressed interest in season 17 alumni Justin Gleizes. The duo went on one date, but neither felt the spark.


The medical sales rep gave Johnny a rose before the members separated and all the women left for another resort. Being in second place, Victoria contacted Alexey Bordyukov ruined her relationship with Johnny.

“I go back to the beach hoping that Johnny is still Johnny, that he still likes me and that he wants to do something, but I bring back this whole other element of, ‘Well, I kind of want to explore things right in front of your face,” she told the cameras before reuniting with the New Jersey native. – That’s f*cked up. I just don’t know what I want. I feel like I need to explain more to Johnny than he is going to explain to me.”


Tensions between the couple escalated after Victoria admitted that Alex “checked her out as a potential partner.” “When you left, you [told me]”Don’t talk to anyone,” Johnny retorted. “So do your thing, because you obviously want to explore.”

In the end, the reality TV stars saved their romance on camera, but the drama continued behind the scenes. A month before the release of the finale, Victoria was spotted in Rome with Greg Grippo, which sparked rumors that they were the subject. When ZacharyReality stated in October that “maybe the producers sent” the couple abroad “on purpose to create a scandal” and boost BiPratings before the end of the season, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss stop speculation quickly.

“This is absurd! #BachelorInParadise,” he tweeted at the time.

While fans waited for Victoria and Johnny’s relationship to develop, she and Greg attended a dinner party with fellow Bachelor Nation alums – and were caught kissing on a TikTok shared by Nick Viall. The podcast host teased along with the November 6 video, “All game night was dramatic.”

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