Vincent Maraval Talks Cannes, Venice And Netflix –

The topic of streaming came up a lot during the first session of San Sebastian’s new Creative Investors conference, which featured a keynote from Vincent Maravel, co-founder of WildBanch.

During the lengthy and extensive session, Marvel was joined by CAA’s Rog Sutherland who asked him how much of a deal he has with Netflix, to which he replied: “Of course, I have a deal with Netflix. will do.”

Wild Bunch previously had a lucrative deal with the streamer on the Studio Ghibli catalog and also reportedly sold Johnny Depp’s new film. Jane Du Barry To the Company for France.

“I think this is our opportunity,” Marvel said of the streamer. “And I think Netflix’s opportunity is cinema. If Netflix wants to survive against better capitalized companies like Amazon and Apple, their opportunity is through cinema.

Marvel later added that they are very “positive” about the streamer and that the only reservations they have about working with him is that his first directive for a film he handles is It should be released theatrically.

Marvel’s comments on streamers and theatrical distribution prompted Sutherland to quickly press for his opinion on the challenged relationship between the Cannes Film Festival and Netflix. Marvel’s wild bunch has long enjoyed a large presence at the festival. This year, the company screened 12 films across all sections of the festival. Netflix films, however, have not played in Cannes’ official selection since 2017. Since then, the festival has made it clear that films must adhere to a longer theatrical window to play in competition. Cannes chief Thierry Fremaux has invited Netflix to play out of competition but the streamer doesn’t want to send films if the festival’s most popular strand is off limits.

“I don’t think it’s the role of a festival to choose how to distribute films,” Maravel said. “When you are the head of a festival or a selector, for me the way a film is distributed is not part of the decision. Thierry Fremaux decided not to choose the movies that were going to Netflix. I think it’s a mistake.”

Cannes access to Netflix wasn’t the only problem identified in the international festival market. Later in the session, Marvel highlighted what he described as an equally challenging issue with the way the Venice Film Festival has embraced Netflix.

“I think Venice is making the exact opposite mistake, which is that the first four days of Venice look like a Netflix film festival,” he said. “Ted Sarandos is welcoming people on the red carpet. And I think Venus sold her soul to Netflix. But I think denying movies because they’re not going to be in theaters. I think the choice of movies. The doer should pay attention to the quality of the film.

Elsewhere during the session, Marvel discussed his perspective on the industry and pointed out what he described as some of his personal failures, including passing on Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 hit. black swan, Starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis..

“I would have been the richest man and would have been able to invest in films forever,” he said.

The Black Swan took home over $300M at the international box office and was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning one.

Still, the industry veteran said he remains positive about the future of filmmaking and the opportunities he believes can be created through modern innovation.

“Our business is full of opportunities. Today everyone complains that cinema admissions are going down. But the industry is regenerating itself. It’s like a new life,” he said.

“I think our business today is fascinating. There’s a lot of things happening that didn’t happen 23 years ago where it was cinema, video, TV. I think what happens today is like a field of possibilities. There is something very interesting about the way our industry is changing.

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