Vincent TV launches in UK, Partners with Sony and Stellify on Pilot – Deadline

Dutch / Belgian informal producer. Vincent TV Has launched and partnered with the UK Hub. Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and Stellify media. On the prime time pilot of a major broadcaster.

Simon Shalgowski, former head of Global Development’s Seven Studios, and Daniel Brooks, former ITV Studios development producer, will serve as creative director and development executive at Brighton Hub, which has unwritten originals for pitch broadcasters and streamers in the UK. Is accused of making slate. And internationally

Vincent TV UK has acquired its first pilot for an untitled Saturday night game show for a major UK broadcaster, co-produced by SPT and SPT-backed Snoop Dogs Indie Stilfy Media. Has been

Vincent TV was founded in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2014 by Vincent Terwort, Vera Dresen and Rod van Braujeel, and has since lagged behind locally adapted UK and US entertainment formats such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? To become a leaf? , Hit List and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The producer also made a local version of Stelfe Beauty Queen & Single for Dutch Territorial NPO3.

Vincent’s founder Ter Voert called the opening of the hub “a strategic part of Vincent TV’s international development and an opportunity to create a show for one of the world’s most advanced markets.”

“Our goal is to create formats that are immediately recognizable to the audience from the moment they first tune in and always make a splash with their implementation,” he added.

“Simon and Daniel have hit the ground running in challenging landscapes and have shown that the future is bright with them.”

Shalgowski added that “partnership is key” for the UK center.

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